Kiss Me, Liar ( SPECIAL EPISODES )Notice.HOT
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As a secretary, is there anything more tragic than having a crush on your boss? What's more, this boss is a big Alpha doctrine. What age does he still engage in sexism and refuse male Omega! Just when Yeon Woo thought that his bitter secret love was

Mad PlaceChapter 46HOT

Seconds after winning his case, Sehyuk is immediately called to investigate another murder, this time, with a suspect who claims to be his biggest fan Ideun, the suspect in question who holds the key to the investigation, requests a private sitting

The Reason I Keep Avoiding My Childhood FriendChapter 42

Arendine is a reincarnator who died miserably in her past life."I'll live a full life this time around!" I vowed. However, an eight-year-old Grand Duke won't stop disturbing my peaceful life.Unable to deal with that jerk any longer, I was forced to t

Absolutely Ruined LoveChapter 22HOT

If you're still looking for a lover, what about me?"Ma Dong-Jae, a pure gay guy who only falls for Hetero. I always dream of romantic love, but I've never had a proper relationship. One day, after confessing to his partner, he heard the trash remarks

Where Are You Running Off To?Chapter 41HOT

ENBeing bothered by the loud sexual noises coming from her neighbor's apartment for the last few days, Ji Sun cursed and said "If you like it so much, why not turn yourself into a dildo?!"After being robbed of her precious time, Ji Sun finally fell i


.Rahyeon, a passive student who usually has bad luck, manages to attend a prestigious college. But was it karma? On the first day of admission, he gets involved with a very beautiful but crazy person

A Perfect Ending Plan of the Villain in a Fairy TaleChapter 49HOT

The protagonist of a fairy tale whose tears turn into diamonds.I was possessing her bad sister.Three years left until the passing prince fell in love with my younger sister and married, and the family who harassed the protagonist were executed.I'd ra

The Abandoned Wife Has a New HusbandChapter 75

I'm selling my wife!After years of abuse, Chloe is eventually abandoned by her coercive and violent husband, doomed to become a disgraceful sold wife'. But when she is in danger of being sold for three hundred coins in a shabby, cramped pub full of h

Exclusive No-Love ZoneChapter 13.1

Blue sea, beautiful island, in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, blocking the pouring sunlight with those cool-looking sunglassesThis moment of daydreaming is beta Kim JuHyeok's only pleasure on his way to hellThe center of the world is always alphas

I Am the Male Lead Ex-GirlfriendChapter 79

I am the villainess in a harem novel. My role as "Erika" is to be an evil ex-girlfriend. I don't want to be a dumb villainess, so I broke up with the male-lead first But after 3 years, Leo came back to me."I can't live without you. I still like you"I

My Damned XXXChapter 12

I'm Lee Sihyun, a healthy 21-year-old. I realized I was gay back when I was in high school. I tried my best to have sex with all types of men But it never worked out for one reason or another! That being said, I couldn't let things end like this. I m

LOOK AT MEChapter 48

Lily and Nino are old friends, and polar opposites. The gorgeous Nino, clothes shop owner and babe magnet, demands the spotlight, while overweight workaholic Lily hides in his shadow. After ten years, the cracks in their friendship are becoming chasm

That's Why The Kids...Chapter 35

ENThe story about a troublesome lodger and a landlord's kid.