A Wife’s Sweet Revenge

간을 빼앗긴 아내 / 被奪走肝的妻子 / The Wife

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Josei , Romance , Shoujo

Chapters: 44

Last update: 6 days ago

4.5 /5 (168 votes)

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Dayoung Kim happily donated her liver to her mother-in-law, but all she got was betrayal in return. Her husband's whole family nefariously used and abused her, kicking her out before she even fully recovered from surgery. They went on with their lives, blissfully unaware that Dayoung swore revenge. She begins to systematically destroy their lives as they did hers, but what happens when someone unexpected gets in the way of her best-laid plans? Will accomplishing her mission bring her happiness or will it only get in the way of true love?


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A Wife’s Sweet Revenge