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Reborn as a SquidChapter 38

After the protagonist of the gangster manga unexpectedly dies, he reincarnated into a different world's ocean, transforming into a cute little squid.However, the seemingly peaceful Atlan Sea is, in reality, a blo*** battlefield where various powerful

The Maid Wants to Quit Within the Reverse Harem GameChapter 32

The main character, who transmigrates into an exhausting reverse harem game as an extra, has seen it to the end six times, but yet she's still unable to return to reality? No matter how true she stays to her role as an extra, she keeps getting swept

Divine HandChapter 9

The world has been polluted, and superpowers have emerged, ushering in a new era! My ability is to "bestow abilities upon others"! Empowering the powerless, making the capable even stronger. The abilities bestowed upon others will come back to me. A-

Swordmaster’s Youngest SonChapter 108HOT

Swordmaster's Youngest Son manhwa, Youngest Son of the Renowned Swordsmanship Clan, Jin Runcandel was the youngest son of Runcandel, the land's most prestigious swordsman family And the biggest failure in Runcandel history. He, who was kicked out m

Don’t be obsessed with a spirit like meChapter 71

Promo for the novel "Don't be obsessed with a spirit like me"

EbonyChapter 123

"Be quiet. Shut up and live like the dead"Ebony Vonieck is a convicted felon for the murder of her fiance and father. While waiting for her execution in prison, she is suddenly released from her hell when she is informed that the Archduke of Schneide

Maid To Love or DieChapter 32

After Irenea woke up as the chambermaid in a reverse harem game called "Love or Die," she thought she could get back home by seeing every good and bad game ending there could be. But she's still here! So this time, she wants to try leaving the Lavren

The journey of DionysusChapter 33

Dionysus- the young boy who grew up on a small island with no memory of his family and his constant strange nightmares and dreams. One day, Dionysus decided to go on a journey to find his family and discover who he really was, alongside the love of h

I Play The Horror World As A Simulation GameChapter 19

A mysterious force descends upon Earth, giving rise to a horrifying civilization. While everyone is immersed in fear, struggling to survive, Qinnuo discovers that he can earn system rewards by manipulating the emotions of ghosts. With each completed

Dear My FriendChapter 89

Read manhwa Dear My Friend / No more pushovers!The main character in Maristella's life was her friend Dorothea. Maristella was no more than a supporting role, and she struggled and sacrificed herself for her friend's happiness, only to be betrayed

The Adopted Daughter Saves the WorldChapter 37

Read manhw The Adopted Daughter Saves the World / Adopted Daughter Wants to Save the World / / / Chelianne lost her parents at a young age, so she turns to books to escape her bleak reality. When she gets close to the tragic ending of a book cal


Chi Yunqing found an adorable young demon and, despite being typically cold and stern, softened his heart and took the demon as his direct apprentice. To ensure the demon wouldn't turn mischievous, the usually frosty immortal instructed his apprentic

Yuan ZunChapter 594
ActionMartial artsShounen

"A teenager holds a pen, while a dragon dances; Chaos surrounds the world, lighting the sky. In this world, will the python swallow the dragon, or will the saint dragon rise?!"

I Encountered A False Spiritual RevivalChapter 12
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

Everyone in the world is mentally ill, except me!Wo Yu Daole Jia De Lingqi Fusu, I Encountered a Fake Reiki, W Y Dole Ji De Lngq Fs,

Boundless NecromancerChapter 81

[By the studio that brought you and !]I never thought I could become a hunter.I never thought I'd get the chance.But that wasn't the case. The Tower of Trials' has selected all suitable candidates from Earth. Please select your difficulty. The rew

Academy’s Genius SwordmasterChapter 45

Read manhwa Academy's Genius SwordmasterRonan lived a wasteful life filled with regrets. A second chance befalls him at the end of his futile life. He went back to the time when he was a ten-year-old child! For the people who sacrificed themselves fo

Mercenary EnrollmentChapter 185HOT

Yu Ijin was the sole survivor of a plane crash when he was little. After becoming a mercenary to survive for 10 years, he returns to his family in his hometown.

Harenchi GakuenChapter 49

This is the legendary Go Nagai breakthrough work. Harenchi Gakuen is an elementary school whose teachers and students are all perverts. Boys peep girls changing. Girls pull up their skirts and show off their panties. Actually, it not as evil as you i

I became the Despised Granddaughter of the Powerful Martial Arts FamilyChapter 55
ComedyDramaMartial artsRomance

I Became the Despised Granddaughter of the Murim Clan,I Became the Despised Granddaughter of the Powerful Murim Family, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-relate

Global Martial ArtsChapter 253

Rebirth is just a starting point from reaching the peak. Intruding crypt, the rise of martial arts

The Business Is Closed Due To The Tyrant ParentsChapter 27

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Killer PedroChapter 36

The betrayed old man killer regresses! But no one recognizes him?! "Then I'm the most powerful!"

Another World Dump TruckChapter 8

Yul, the manager of the interdimensional dump truck office, accidentally kills an innocent man named Kwon Yoo-jun. In order to make amends, Yul enters a romance fantasy novel where Yoo-jun is the villainess and tries to send her back to her original

A Tsundere Gal Is Becoming Cuter Day By DayChapter 12

A Tsundere Gal Is Becoming Cuter Day by Day summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of A Tsundere Gal Is Becoming Cuter Day by Day. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact

The cool classmate ◯◯ years later...Chapter 95

The cool classmate years later... summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of The cool classmate years later.... If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate t

The Lost CinderellaChapter 23

Read manhwa The Lost Cinderella / Missing Cinderella / The Missing Cinderella / Ciel avoided her brother's obsession and entered into a contract marriage. She was betrayed by her fiance who fell in love with someone else, so she decides to start a n

Alcohol and Ogre-girlsChapter 40

The Perfect Prince Loves Me, His Rival?!Chapter 39HOT

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Requiem for the QueenChapter 27

At night, Princess Millaria, who dreams of an unnamed queen, becomes intertwined with the body of a queen from a hundred years ago, as if by fate. And thus, she discovers the queen's diary."I entrust the kingdom to you. I humbly plead with you, bowin

Jujutsu KaisenChapter 257HOT

Yuuji is a genius at track and field. But he has zero interest running around in circles, he's happy as a clam in the Occult Research Club. Although he's only in the club for kicks, things get serious when a real spirit shows up at school! Life's abo

Garan No HimeChapter 8

A world where machine civilization has perished and immortal monsters called "Monotsuki" are rampant. Isana, a girl born in a remote village, meets a mechanical person who lost her memories and looks exactly like her sister, who should have disappear

Love HugChapter 233

Tsubasa has come to dislike boys because of their relentless teasing in the past. She enters high school, but refuses to attend soon after. However, with the support of her online friend Momo, she decides to go back...Love & Hugs (French)Suki Hug.

My Master, My PrinceChapter 47

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Medical Intern Wei-KunChapter 1

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Living With My Childhood Friend Who Can't Hold Back His LoveChapter 1

"Do you want to be kissed?""Push me away if you don't like it."To avoid moving overseas for her second year of high school, Koko decides to live with her younger childhood friend, Shuri, whom she suddenly reunites with after two years of being apart.

Sabsama Shitsukeno JikandesuChapter 8.2

not found...

The WretchedChapter 27

Ji YouChuan was investigating the mysterious organization Blaze in order to take revenge for his parents. 36 demons were released during one of the confrontation with Blaze and he signed a contract with the strongest demon, Chelsea. He joined the "Wr

Kuutei DragonsChapter 92

It's time to see what dragon tastes like. The crew of the airship Queen Zaza makes their living hunting dragons. Succeed, and the reward is riches and all the meat they can eat! Fail, and all that awaits them is a messy end. Follow the grand hunting

Temple of dragon kingChapter 231

Temple of dragon king summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Temple of dragon king. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Debuff MasterChapter 6

Han Taesung, a livelihood-type gamer cornered at the edge of a cliff."I have been watching you for a long time."Deus, a hidden NPC of level 999, appears In front of Taesung!"Would you like to become the disciple of the hidden NPC Deus?""Yes!"Thus the

The Time When We Were YoungChapter 87

What We Liked Those Days / Choi Ah-ran, a novelist and publisher, runs a publishing company while hiding the humiliation of her past as Jo A-han, a writer who made a big name for herself 20 years ago with an internet novel about the popular leader

The RebornChapter 29

A century ago, in a continent far, far away, an ancient kingdom, Laham, was destroyed. In the war. Zeluo died in another country and his body was reduced to bones and ashes. However, one day, Zeluo awoke from a mysterious magic. Reborn losing all his

The Godly Son-in-Law of the NationChapter 6

Chu Chen, Young Master of the First Family in Huaxia, the heir of the number one mysterious sect in the world, accidentally sealed his own dual souls and five spirits on the journey down the mountain after completing his training. For five years, he

My In-laws are Obsessed With MeNotice.70HOT

My In-laws are Obsessed With Me, My family and my husband killed me. Because of the inheritance. Returning to the past, I made up my mind. "I have to protect my life and my inheritance." Grand Duke Lapireon of the cursed family. I offered him, who

Tomodachi na noni kisu wo shitaChapter 12

Ao and Keita, who attend the same high school, live next door to each other and have been childhood friends ever since Keita moved in when they were in middle school. Even though they're just friends who always goof around together, Ao suddenly notic

I’m The Great ImmortalChapter 629
ActionMartial artsShounenWebtoons

The previous life was a peerless genius in the world of immortality. He was killed by 3 celestial beings. He was accidentally reborn to his 20s by the book of heaven. All he wanted to do was to become an immortal and return to the immortal world, and

Hoteru Watashi ni Koi wo OshieteChapter 1

Miku is a high school student who is very good at fantasizing, but knows nothing about real boys. At school, she hides her interest and acts as a pure character, but one day her childhood friend, Shida, finds out that she's been reading erotic manga!

I Became the Mother of the Bloody Male LeadChapter 32

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