Sunken FishChapter 23

.The emotional entanglement between Lin ChenXiu, a video gamer captain, with a gloomy childhood, and Yu Moxiang, a dedicated and enthusiastic team player. The story begins with the two bravely fighting forward in a team that is not being favored.

Boutique at 97th Sheldon StreetChapter 16

.After regaining her senses, Yoo-Eun finds herself inside a game! No logging out! No inventory! All she can do is design clothes?!While struggling with her reality of being in a survival game, Yoo Eun arrives at the boutique on Sheldon Street and enc

The ChallengerChapter 8

Loser', Weakling', Rock-bottom'.These are all titles people call me in real life.However, that's only in the Real World'. There's no reason why I have to be a Loser' in a virtual reality game as well!I'm going to become the greatest in a video game!L

Online Game Nakama to Sashi Off shitara Shokuba no Onijoushi ga Kita.Chapter 21 : sequel

Boss in real life, gaming partner onlineBrushing by each other at top speedHashimoto, an average salaryman, works under the harsh leadership of his high-spec cum handsome demon boss, Shirase-san, day by day. The only thing Hashimoto looks forward to

A Trivial Extra in a Dating SimChapter 14

.Opening my eyes, I found my soul synced into the popular dating sim game, Midnight'! And although I was clearly one of the female protagonists, I possessed the body of Evenes Harin, the saint treated like a trivial extra. What's worse is that I must

The Honest Life of a Game StudioChapter 24 : koma extended edition

.I, Anan Naoyoshi, joined Last Boss Korin, Co. in pursuit of Nobu-san, the game planner I've long admired. Things, however, are sour between us.Our strained relationship aside, the two of us went on an overseas business trip. But then whyyyyy are we

Dorei YuugiVol.10 chapter 61

One day, a mail arrives for Kai, a normal high school student, inviting him to try a mysterious new cellphone game. But the people whose pictures he takes with the application, "SLAVE GO," go missing one after another...A vicious and cruel game begin

Midari ni Midara na Kuroyukihime OnlineChapter 15: twintails and catacraft
ChildminderVol.1 chapter 12

One day Hyun gets chosen to test out a parenting game called Childminder. He thought the game would be easy because all he had to do was be a good father to a very cute child named Mir. Childminder is a tale of the hardships of parenting, even in a g

Game Parody 4-koma Grand PrixChapter 239.5

4-koma parody of games by various artists.