Abyss Rage

Abyss Rage

Authors : Nariaki Narita

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Drama , Martial arts , Shounen

Chapters: 75

Last update: 8 days ago

4.4 /5 (50 votes)

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A blind boy, Shinobu, lives a peaceful life with the support of his kind teacher and girlfriend, Mikoto, training daily to learn the ancient martial art of self-defense known as "Mibuchi Toshujutsu". Until one day, when all is stolen from him by a strange visitor who appears at the dojo. This man, defeating both Shinobu and his teacher, steals away Mikoto with him. Three years pass In order to take back his girlfriend, Shinobu climbs up from the depths of despair, and finds himself at a remote island prison where only the most abominable kind of criminals are housed. There begins a battle royal, a free-for-all fight to the death with the villainous men within!!


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Abyss Rage