Bonbonzaka Koukou Engekibu


Authors : Takahashi, Yutaka

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Shounen , Comedy , Romance

Chapters: 84

Last update: 3 days ago

4.2 /5 (30 votes)

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Junna Shoutarou, who just entered Tokeizaka high school, falls for the school's madonna, Hibino Makoto. Meanwhile, the school's notorious homosexual, Tokudaiji Hiromi, targets Shoutarou as his new victim. Shoutarou, who under Hiromi's threats, joins the drama club and discovers that Makoto is the drama club's vice president. Perfect--except everyone thinks Shoutarou is gay with Hiromi!(Source: Antabaka)


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Bonbonzaka Koukou Engekibu