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Chiisai Boku no Haru

Spring of Little Me ; 小さい僕の春

Authors : Atsumi Takeru

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Romance , School life , Shounen , Sports

Chapters: 28

Last update: 2 days ago


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Suzuki Souta, a high school boy on the school volleyball team, is interested in his classmate Shinonome Asahi, a member of the girls' volleyball team. She thought of him as a good volleyball player, so she has been seeking him out every day. Souta was a keen volleyball player until junior high. However, because of his height, he could never become the spiker he longed to be. As a result, he got into the habit of giving up on things. Souta's high school life: Will he meekly accept what he cannot have? Or will he try to become a man who can stand with Asahi? Youth is a series of choices. Please, Souta, hang in there and do your best!