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The Gentle Tyrant / Budeureoun Poggun / Gentle Tyrant / Kaisar tiran yang lembut / Soft Tyrant / Нежный тиран / 優しい暴君 / 残暴皇帝的新娘 / 残酷皇帝的新娘 / 부드러운 폭군

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Drama , Fantasy , Manhwa , Shoujo

Chapters: 96

Last update: 7 months ago


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Erika, a girl who lost her mother in the war and was bullied by her aunt.Political interests lead her to a political engagement with one of the most feared beings in the Empire, the Emperor of the Empire, Kaal Lakin.The cruel tyrant that everyone fears, Kaal Lakin.In his harem there are as many princesses as the stars,All the women who ascended the throne were carried away as corpses.By the way,Why? Why are you looking at me with such sad and painful eyes?