Guardians Of The Lamb

To Save Yang Hari ; 沈黙の盾 ; 양의 사수

Authors : Juns

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance , Shoujo , Webtoon

Chapters: 100

Last update: a day ago

2.4 /5 (84 votes)

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.Hari's normal. Sure, she can't remember anything from when she was a child, but apart from that, she's just a relatively unknown actress who dreams of making it big. All is well. That is, until she gets kidnapped. Luckily, Hari manages to emerge from that incident relatively unscathed, but Why is the man who saved her following her around? What does a missing person's case from twenty years ago have to do with anything? What secrets will be unearthed from Hari's missing memories?


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Guardians Of The Lamb