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The_LunaRocks on  Surge Looking For You
Simply ARocks on  Royal Servant
 Here to increase the voting... why not many people vote after reading? There’s is so much comments but only 9 votes....

 I love the characters and the storyline, it gets a little tiring sometimes due to the character’s background but eventually all explained. Thanks to the devoted authors and Translators who made it possible...

Read it, it’s good but have patience too. ✌️🥰
jsat7Kinda bad on  Infinite skill getter
only the first chapter is interesting, after that its not so good, the mc is a idiot and coward who doesn't know how to use his powers, the plot is weird as he**, can't understand what is happening, its just another run of the mill manga not worth your tim
HimeKinda bad on  I became the sister in law of my ex fiance
Yes, it's a classic regress for revenge story. I'm not against cliches and I read a ton of those. It's just that this one is poorly made and feels like a cheap knock off of other stories with similar plot. I mean, the setting and characters are basically taken from another webtoon (I don't remember the title since I read it some time ago) but the art, the dialogue and the flow of the scenes are not on par. I'm sorry but I didn't like it at all.
CV12345Sucks big time on  No Reason
This is the most disgusting thing ive seen in a long time.
IrosewoodRocks on  Dream-Like Lie
Best yaoi I read in a long time thank you so much really this story gave me mixed emotions like a true movi
cheeseburgerRocks on  Cherry Blossoms After Winter
such a cute bl manhwa i love how long it is and really recommend readinging if u can never get enough of one has a happy ending too
Vegas zucchiniRocks on  Shutline
I saw a vid of the not hated yaoi tops and jake is one of it and I'd like to say that it is absolutely right. Although Jake's features are rough and dangerous and shin also have this flirty vibes but I'd say their relationship are not so toxic yet dangerous. 100% super good. Would like to reread!!!
Sneha BiswasPretty good on  Punch Drunk Love
TiannaRocks on  Childhood Bride
Really great I'm gonna read it again 5 stars and I'll give it 5 stars again it's really good

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