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russel alquirozRocks on  All Starts With Ubume
This one is Okey 7.5/10
animegirl25Rocks on  Who Made Me A Princess
Such a lovely story about family, communication and hardships. It was such a beautiful read, really funny and some moments had me crying into my pillow 100% recommend!
mmmangooRocks on  The Broken Ring : This Marriage Will Fail Anyway
This is soo good, please read if you're looking for good straight couple romance (there's a R19 version of this on bato). If anyone has the novel link please share!!!
juvelene eunice M de...Rocks on  The Daughter Of The Elemental King
Pls continue it..
IvernPretty good on  Doctor’S Rebirth
It's very competent. 

Your standard transmigration in Murim, with a medical gimmick added in it. 

What are really, really solid are the specs. The boy has above average art and nice characterization. Regarding this, just imagine: a furry and a femboy adopt a 30 years old in the body of a child. They become family and are pretty cute together. You get your "violent father figure WILL KILL for his smol bean" trope, twice actually, you get the "sometimes a boy just needs a daddy" trope, you get the "gotta catch all them minions" one.

It's a decently felt narration. And it is, above all, truly enjoyable. With good pacing.

Of course, it's a Murim manga. The corny writing, the stupid a** special language they use, everything is there. The action too, is decent but not the centerpiece. What I find actually great is the medical aspect of it. A nice mix of nonsense and real trivia, adapted to the fantasy settings. Kudos for that.

I dunno I find it hėlla relaxing. Read it to slow down a tad from your usual high stakes and overpowered drivel. Reccomended with a 8½ on the Ivern Scale™️.
Treehugger34Rocks on  Enthusiasm
This is a beautiful story, and a little painful. For me it was a story that showed the many ways people can love. The many sides of love, I really liked it. You should definitly read it.
Im also a little in love with Shin mo-ran. Beautiful, capable, with deep feelings and willing to make sacrifices and changes for those she loves.
PinksakuraRocks on  Kami Chi No Kyuuseishu -0. 00000001% O Hikiate Saikyou E-
Im into the tropes of "gates" and "players". The stories plot isnt bad to me and i lile the development so far for the MC. Art style is also nice would recommend to others.
AnudhritiSucks big time on  Usami’s Little Secret!
too much cringe for me ..
Madison MitchellKinda bad on  Taming The Lady
It was really really amazing in the beginning. However the ending is important too! It was too rushed. Not only was it too rushed I felt like the storyline got worse. It got super weird. If the end of thr story was as great as the beginning I'd give 5 stars. It would have been a masterpiece.
Killin With Ki11RoySucks big time on  Oni to Tengu no Koiwazurai
Ew, it's just gross.

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