Martial Artist Lee Gwak

Martial Artist Lee Gwak

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Manhwa , Martial arts

Chapters: 63

Last update: 18 hours ago

5.0 /5 (50 votes)

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Lee Gwak, an ordinary martial artist, was met with a terrible fate as he got involved with the celestial demon troupe and lost the ability to use any of his limbs.Just when he thought he had lost everything, A new hope dawned upon him. A martial arts that he once knew. He took his chances and put everything on the line by training in that martial arts and, by some miracle, is able to recover as he masters it.From then on, Lee Gwak aspires to live as a true martial artist and not as an ordinary martial artist like he once did before.


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Martial Artist Lee Gwak