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Rebirth Of The Immortal Arrogant Son-in-law

重生仙尊之这个赘婿有点嚣 ; Chóngshēng xiān zūnzhī zhège zhuì xù yǒudiǎn xiāo ; Chongsheng xian zunzhi zhege zhui xu youdian xiao


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The loose Immortal cultivator Ye Chen was attacked by a traitor in the immortal world, and he was reborn and returned back into the past. In his previous life, he was persecuted by a rich second generation, his wife was snatched away from him, and he was eventually abducted and died a tragic death in a water cage in northern Myanmar, In his current life, Ye Chen vowed to protect and to seek revenge on those who framed him, as well as to investigate the cause of his parents deaths, and to bring his family and friends to cultivate immortality, in order to return to the immortal world to turn the tide!