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Risou no Koibito Himemiya-kun

Ideal Sweetheart Himemiya-kun.

Authors : Kida Sattsu

Status : Completed

Genres : Comedy , Yaoi , Smut

Chapters: 6

Last update: 2 years ago


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Akihito is a diligent local masseur who is loved by his regular elderly customers. He has but a simple dream, to find a person of his type: A black-haired beauty. When his co-workers learn about it, they tease him, telling him to have realistic standards on finding a girlfriend. But the thing is, Akihito's co-workers don't have an idea that Akihito isn't looking for the ideal girl but the ideal man. In short, he's gay. Enter Kei Himemiya, the new trainee. The first time Akihito laid his eyes on Kei, Kei totally has everything Akihito is looking for in an ideal partner that it's almost a miracle. And when the two got closer and slept together, Akihito is over the moon for Kei. Is this the start of a blossoming love life for Akihito, or is Kei not that ideal as he seems?