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An Extra Stole the Male Leads

The Male Leads Were Stolen by an Extra ; The Male Leads Were Stolen by the Extra ; The Male Leads Were Taken Away by the Extra ; エキストラに男主人公たちを奪われた ; 被群演夺去了男主们 ; 엑스트라에게 남주들을 빼앗겼다


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Reborn as Selonia Bessin, the heroine of a romance fantasy novel, a girl is thrust into a demon-slaying mission with the novel's three male leads. They successfully defeat the demon lord, but Selonia falls unconscious for three months on the journey back. Upon awakening, she discovers the trio is now enamored with Grace Benet, an unknown extra. Moreover, the supposedly defeated demon lord is back in hot human form! Why has he returned, and who is this mysterious Grace stealing the limelight?+