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BartenderVol.21 Chapter 166: The Farewell Lesson (Part 3)

The story of the Ryu Sasakura and a small cocktail bar in the Chiba area of Tokyo, where troubled customers come for the "glass of the gods", which with Ryu's assistance helps them to resolve their often highly emotional problems. (In the manga the s

SommeliereChapter 9

From Aerandria Scans:Itsuki Kana, whose parents died in an accident, was able to continue her studies in wine fermentation thanks to the help of a charitable man. What will be the turning point in Kana's destiny?

ChampagneChapter 15

Extra:Publishers:Grand Jump (magazine)

Bartender à ParisChapter 21

Bartender Paris summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Bartender Paris. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Kiomaru The BlacksmithChapter 7

Since his childhood, Kiomaru has been formed by master Sadamitsu of the Gassan forge so that he could later become a specialist in sword making. One day, when he learns of the brutal death of a young man to which he sold his first sword, he realize h