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Werewolf BreedingVol.1 Chapter 101.5 : Season Hiatus

Vampires rule the night taking the blood of those they desire. Humanity's only chance of defeating them is to restore the long lost Original Werewolf. Join in the fight between werewolves and vampires to save humanity, to save the world.Original webt

Watashitachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru.

Makoto is suddenly confessed to by her narcissistic childhood friend Kikuchi Reita. Not even just any confession, he stands in the street and publicly says If you want a boyfriend that badly, I don't mind going out with you. Which was obviously a no,

Watch DogChapter 63

There's only one way to stop the hyenas from going for the big piece of meat. I have to become the king to protect my owner.

Wangan MidnightChapter 173

The story gets its roots from the actual street racing that occurs on Tokyo's Shuto Expressway, one stretch of which is known as the "Wangan", literally meaning "bay side" (although it is generally used to refer to the freeway), the longest, straight

While Cross-Dressing, I Was Hit on by a Handsome Guy!Chapter 104

While cross-dressing, I was hit on by a handsome guy, except he wasn't actually a handsome guyPortuguese / Portugus:Por causa de uma brincadeira eu acabei tendo de me vestir de menina, ento, sai s ruas, e nesse dia, acabei conhecendo algum e minha vi

Why Did We Meet?Chapter 49: Ep.45

What will happen to jun-seo after getting rejected?

Wolf Crying PharmacyChapter 77

The man she accidentally spent a night with was a formerly wolf-eared idol?!"A 3 room apartment in the metropolitan area + a foreign car + retirement with guaranteed pension and savings."Those were the dream goals of 29-year-old pharmacist Han Sooji'

Wedding ImpossibleChapter 72 - End

Thirty-three years old, a 10-year-old theater actor Naa Jung engaged to a third-generation chaebol? She did not have to worry anything about, "so I expected her parents' bold opposition."However, unlike her expectation that marriage can done so smoot

Welcome to the Yaoi Research ClubChapter b

.Struggling college student Satou is in big trouble... He's broke. He goes to class depressed, where his friends Kaname and Yuusuke conveniently offer him a part-time job. Satou leaps at the chance without hearing the details, but of course there's a

What Do the Teenage Boys DoChapter 118.5

Short stories of boys in 10th dimensions.Alert! Much FART jokes.

Wu Ling Sword MasterChapter 475
ActionMartial artsSupernaturalWebtoons

A new generation of swordsmen is betrayed and dies in the hands of his beloved ones on their wedding night. Unexpectedly, God made people die, but Jian Zun did not die but was born again in the world. Let's look at Mu Yuan, who bears the deep hatred

Wagatsuma-San Wa Ore No YomeChapter 97

Aoshima Hitoshi is a second year student in high school, who wishes he had a girlfriend. One day he wakes up for an unknown reason 10 years in the future, and he is married to the prettiest girl in school, Wagatsuma Ai! How has their relationship gro

Wicked Young Master And His Innocent GirlChapter 60

Description : When Dai Yuxiao, the innocent illegitimate daughter of a wealthy family comes to a high-society cocktail party, she accidentally bumps into Mu Lengrui, the notoriously wicked young master of Mu Group. And instantly, the latter gets hook

Where Tangents MeetChapter 44

As Landon and Rachelle venture into falling in love with one another, they hit ruptures in the road. The more they learn about each other, the more they discover about themselves in the midst of encountering jealousy, scandals, accidents, and misunde

Working Overtime to Destroy the World!Chapter 118

Limbo is a shut-in girl who doesnt care for anything except her tentacle comics. Aside from that, everything else is meaningless. On her birthday she wished for the "destruction of the world" and was instead met with a demonic female programmer! The

Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife?Chapter 42

Read manhwa Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife? / ?"You'd better not dream of being acknowledged as my wife. I would never have a successor with the daughter of Balazit." Hearing that, Nadia almost said, "I feel the same way." Thank you, Mar

White Throne Of BonesChapter 120

A young boy named Mu Bai embarked on the path to becoming a professional killer because he accidentally killed someone earlier. One day, a black card appeared at this door-The white throne. This is the most powerful weapon in the world, the ultimate

Who kidnapped the empress?Chapter 55

Read manhwa Who kidnapped the empress? / / Who Stole The Empress"You don't know how goosebumps I got when I saw you limp."These injuries made her look so worn outThat's why the emperor abandoned the queen in the snowy situation.In her hand was a

Wagaya no Oinarisama.Chapter 67.5

From Operation Boredom: Two brothers, Noboru and Toru grew away from the fact that their family could use the Water ki to keep demons away. However, in order to keep Toru safe after a demon goes after his life, they will need to awake the fox diety K

Watashitachi wa Koi wo EgakenaiVol.2 Chapter 21.7

Onodera Kano and Nanase Miyuu have recently made their debut as a manga author duo with Kano writing the story and Miyuu drawing the art. However, Miyuu needs some help drawing love scenes, so she gets Kano to agree to act as her "boyfriend" to keep

When a Man Loves a ManChapter 18

When a Man Loves a Man series:1) When a Man Loves a Man (1 Volume)Story of several guys working in host clubs.Professional rivalry, mistaken identities, unrequited love, and jealousy test Shinkawa's and Takaaki's friendship on a semi-regular basis. B

Where Are You Running Off To?Chapter 50

ENBeing bothered by the loud sexual noises coming from her neighbor's apartment for the last few days, Ji Sun cursed and said "If you like it so much, why not turn yourself into a dildo?!"After being robbed of her precious time, Ji Sun finally fell i

Woodman DyeonChapter 15

From Yo Manga:A woodman who dropped his axe in a pond but the mountain god is a woman?

War in the KitchenChapter 82
RomanceShounen aiWebtoons

In a world-famous restaurant, many delicacies are provided, and it's also a heaven for all the women, both young and old. The employees here, from waiters to chefs are all top elites, with great figure and appearance. Taking the delicacies as a mediu

Wakako-ZakeChapter 73

Murasaki Wakako, who is 26 years old, loves going out alone to enjoy eating and drinking, especially when something unpleasant happens at work. This manga follows Wakako through many solitary outings, where she enjoys different combinations of food a

Waga Itoshi no Wota KanojoChapter 15: Deserted Island

Waga Itoshi no Wota Kanojo summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Waga Itoshi no Wota Kanojo. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you en

Where the Dragon's Rain FallsChapter 180
RomanceShounen ai

.According to legend, a nation in which a dragon appears is destined for prosperity. Finally a new dragon is born in the desert-covered empire Rahan, but...as a fragile young boy! Until the boy comes of age, the crown prince orders him hidden away in

Warring StatesChapter 31
ActionMartial arts


Welcome To Luna Shop!Welcome to Luna Shop! Chapter 74

On a planet full of different species, earthlings are looked down upon. As Misha struggles to fit in, she comes upon an unusual shop. Continue reading Episode 2'

Will You Do as I Say?Chapter 20

If you do as I say, I will let you taste heaven~ An exciting story of living in a women's only house along with five girls who all have different fetishes~

What An Average Way Koiko Goes!Chapter 43

Koiko has lived her life under an overly-attached mother and a distant, neglectful sister. While she dislikes the idea of drowning in it, Koiko still wants to be in love, so she settles for being an average high schooler with an average boyfriend and

Winter WolfChapter 62.5

"Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."A man and a woman are by themselves in a mansion on an isolated snowfield. Lyshteia,

We Only Held HandsChapter 87
Shounen ai

.We Only Held Hands manga summary: The Ki men can get pregnant if they fall asleep with a person while holding hands. Terry unwillingly saves Mike and passes out while holding hands. Is he pregnant?

Werewolf's WishChapter 70

Werewolf's Wish manga summary: One is a werewolf whose nose can smell human feelings, another, Jay, is a human who has two totally different life experiences. The two will grant any wish for anyone, if you are willing to pay the price of being rewrit

Ways to Satisfy a DevilChapter 72

Another tedious life began again. Whether I like it or not, I will keep on reincarnating alongside my memories. That's right, I'm an infinite reincarnator. The devil appeared before me, who was left broken from my 29th life. "Was it you who summoned

Wistful SummerChapter ep2
DramaRomanceShounen ai

.Wistful Summer manga summary: First. First lie, first kiss, first love. When Henry and Sam first met that summer long ago, Henry learned the power of first love. Buttime goes on, people part, summer ends and so too did their blink of a relationship.

Wara! PyunuijumChapter 110 : Laptop

I can't avoid my local convenience store!

Warrior High School – Dungeon Raid CourseChapter 44

Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Course manhwa, An Earth in the 21st century that has fused with another world. An era of "dungeons" teeming with monsters and the "adventurers" that raid them.

Water OverflowChapter 46

."Oh, crazy..!! That's wearing or naked!?" Swimming pool Alba suddenly came to the request of an acquaintance. Byung-jin, who knew how to make her eyes stand out with the dizzying women's swimming clothes, accidentally suffers from a major accident i

W-JulietVol.14 Chapter 80 [End]

Since the day her mother died, Ito Miura has dressed and acted like a guy; growing up with three brothers, she has always found girly clothes and mannerisms stifling. Now in high school, she wears her hair cut short like a guy's and dresses in the bo

Wish To Say FarewellChapter 101

I died in an accident while I was chased by debt collectors.Then I transmigrated into the book The Fairy Garden, but why did I have to possess the villainess?!Aine le Peregrine, an infamous femme fatale was the villainess. Besides harassing the heroi

Waga Tousou - Imouto no Tame nara Sekai o Shukusei Shite mo Ii yo ne!Vol.3 Chapter 18 : Chapter 18

Waga Tousou - Imouto no Tame nara Sekai o Shukusei Shite mo Ii yo ne! summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Waga Tousou - Imouto no Tame nara Sekai o Shukusei Shite mo Ii yo ne!. If you have any questio

What should I do if I am tempted?Chapter 114

A memory-lost girl works in a coffee shop with all other mysterious young men to help people realize their wishes.

White Dragon Duke: PendragonChapter 110

Witch Craft WorksChapter 110.1

The main character, Takamiya Honoka, is a regular student whose only problem seems to be that he sits next to Kagari, Ayaka, the school#1 beauty. They have never crossed words before, and even a small interaction between them results in her fan club

Watashi Wa Kimi Wo NakasetaiChapter 43

"Tears" connect people who have never met before. This is the story of an honour student and a delinquent who are connected through these tears.

Wave NailChapter 21

.Wave Nail manga summary: Anto lost his mother at sea due to bad weather when he was younger. His father alludes to a "curse" while refusing the idea of him approaching the sea. While looking for his mother, he loses his consciousness. But when he wa

Woman's Best FriendChapter 108 [ End ]

There's a crazy dog at Sungwoon Publishing Company. It has an expressionless face, a monotone voice, cold and dark eyes, and a difficult personality. Its name is Woojoon Seo.But is this man really crazy?Taeryung is exhausted from love, work, and even

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