Dungeon Meshi

ダンジョン飯 (Japanese); 迷宫饭; 舌尖上的地下城 (Chinese); Delicious in Dungeon; Dungeon Food; Dungeon Meals (English)

Authors : Kui Ryouko

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Seinen , Supernatural

Chapters: 95

Last update: 4 days ago

4.7 /5 (192 votes)

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After getting his sister devoured by a dragon and losing all their supplies in a failed dungeon raid, Ratos and his party is determined to save his sister before she get digested. Completely broke and having to resort to eating monsters as food, they meet a dwarf who will introduce them to the world of dungeon meshi - Delicious cuisines made from ingredients such as the flesh of giant bats, walking mushroom, or even screaming mandrakes.


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Dungeon Meshi