Lost Virgin (Nagi Wataru)Chapter 7

.The young actor Emoto wants to get in contact with his kouhai from university, Kurama. However, not able to get a good timing, he follows him around like a stalker day by day.His actions irritate the popular Okama talent Chouko, who warns him not to

Rules of Lips and TongueChapter 43

.In order to find his mysteriously missing sister, racer Han Zai Yu goes to a famous nightclub called J Club. But rather, he found out the dark industry hidden in the normal business of the nightclub, is a "banquet of ladies" serving the upper class,

Boy Meets MariaChapter 6

Taiga's always worshiped the heroes he's seen on TV. And now that he's started high school, his fateful encounter with a certain girl compels him to make her his heroine. And she was known as the Madonna of the drama club, Maria. After seeing her per

Same Bed, Different DreamsChapter 6 : end

.Jung Hyun is a policeman and a boyfriend to someone who thinks he looks good in erotic costumes.Burdened by his lover's constant request for roleplay, Hyun plans to ask Doyoon for a normal relationship. But Doyoon's answer is..."Can't you wear this

Oh My Prince!Chapter 142

I the sensational genius came to the school to find a job! I was proficient in eight languages since I was a child, I passed the judicial examination in high school, and was omnipotent in all I do. I was invincible, you could say I was a genius of th

Irregular Worker EmpressCh.054

"Do you want to live as Estella instead of Estien?"A member of the famous Arthur family that went into ruin, Estien.Estien hid his talent and lived as a regular knight but one day the crown prince offered something weird.

HatsukoiVol.1 chapter 6.5

Hirono Yuusa always believed he was special and destined for greatness until tragedy struck in his final year of middle school. Now jaded and disillusioned, he's completely given up on trying to be anything more than ordinary. But when he starts to

Motokano no Otouto ga Kawaiitte HanashiChapter 8

Takuya was dumped by his childhood friend, who had been dating with him for 6 years. Then, he was contacted by Naoki, his EX's little brother.[u][b]Spanish / Espaol:[/b][/u] [spoiler]Takuya fue abandonado por su amiga de la infancia, Quin habia estad

Crossdressing PandemicVol.1 chapter 8

Kare to obake to ren'ai shousetsukaChapter 4

Maeda Jun is an author who likes peace and tranquility. While walking through a cemetery at night, thinking about the 'cute love' that his readers are after, he was possessed by a spirit.Kawakami Yukio is a deliveryman who noticed the spirit possessi