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Chapter 12
DramaOffice workerRomanceSlice of life

The Doting Tyrant manga, Bokun aruiha Dekai , Boukun, Arui wa DekiaiA full 180 from her office job, Azusa, a regular office lady (OL), is promoted to secretary of a large enterprise, for no apparent reason. Shindo, the president, is a young handsome prodigy, but he also has a merciless and brusque personality; a total tyrant that has a record of making his secretary resigned in just 2 hours! However, one day, after finding out from a colleague that she was invited to a group blind date, he suddenly told her, If you want a lover, I'll do you a favor and be yours'?!! The sweet love story between Pessimistic secretary x Cool president, starts now!

Chapter 50
JoseiManhwaOffice workerRomance

Sleeping with an Old Rival manhwa, "Do you have any thoughts of becoming an actor? I can't see anyone but you from far away." G**'s hands in the entertainment industry, golden eyes, Shin Yeon. The person she cast always became a big star. In a few years, she fell in love with the person she street casted, Yeo Taejin. Beautiful face and perfect body shape, no matter what anyone says, he'll be a great actor! However, she didn't know that he's the CEO of her competitor, Jin Entertainment. She didn't know that he was a spy who came to steal her casting secrets. "Maybe i didn't recognize your star sense from the beginning, instead i fell in love with you at the first sight?" "The thing i was curious about, was it the secret of SINI Ent. casting, or was it you, Shin Yeon?" Their cheerful and lively love story, full of confusion and sweetness!

Chapter 83
DramaFantasyManhwaOffice workerReincarnationShoujo

Black Dragon's Choice manhwa, Black Dragon's Preference , Black Dragon's Taste , To others, Im Jinha is a superstar. But to attorney Cha Yoolli, he's just a loyal customer at her mom's book rental shop who exclusively reads books with dragons in them. After Yoolli gets fired from her job, Jinha offers her a spot on his agency's legal team, with her law school senior as her boss! However, Yoolli doesn't know that her new workplace holds an ancient secret. Something draconic. Could it be that Yoolli and Jinha's relationship goes beyond just books?

Chapter 74
DramaManhwaOffice workerRomanceShoujo

My Boss Scolds Me manhwa, My Boss is My Biggest Fan!

Chapter 14
ComedyGhostOffice workerSlice of lifeSupernatural

The Tired Office Lady and Ghost Arms manga, OL and Ghost Arms , Otsukare OL to Ude no Manga , OLA stressed office lady is comforted by a pair of mysterious, ghostly arms.

Chapter 15.5
ComedyCrossdressingOffice workerRomance

Readymade Heroine manga, Sakuma is a designer for a clothing company whose clothes don't sell well. To help improve her abilities, her boss Mizuno told her to participate in an external design competition. Her partner in this venture is Keito Tada, a top sales representative. Tada is a standout at work, who's direct with his opinions, just the type of person that Sakuma is not good at dealing withWhat's more, from the first day of their meeting, Tada's brilliance forces Sakuma to become aware of her own weaknesses.

Chapter 24
ComedyDramaOffice workerRomanceSlice of life

Are you okay with a (slightly) older girlfriend? manga, Choppiri Toshiue Demo Kanojo ni Shite Kuremasu ka? , ?, She was a little older than he , The JK I liked was 27 years oldOne day, the high school student, Kaoru Momota, saved the baby-face, big-boobed JK, Orihara Hime, who was being harassed on the train. It was love at first sight. However, this JK had a secret; she actually was a 27-year-old OL (Office Lady). A sweet age-gap romcom between a high schooler and office lady.

Chapter 24
Office workerRomanceSlice of life

Tenohira no Akira-kun manga, Akira-kun in My Palm Shiori is an office worker who has been feeling terrible ever since her breakup with her boyfriend. She's been trying to forget him but she found herself unable to move forward just yet and now she urgently needs some healing! That's when a palm-sized high school boy named Akira appeared before her. And he seems to be at a loss about his mysterious condition too.He's like a small animal and he doesn't give off the vibe of a boy How great! and that's how they started living together but even though Akira-kun is small, he's still a boy so!?

Chapter 6.5
AnimalDramaOffice workerSupernatural

Omae, Tanuki ni Naranee ka? , Would you like to be a Tanuki? , ?"Tired of life? Be a tanuki!"A story of being scouted by a raccoon dog when trying to die.

Chapter 6
AnimalComedyOffice worker

Mister Momo manga, Short summary about Mr.Momo

Chapter 16
ComedyDramaOffice workerRomance

From Monday to Weekend manhua, Let the workplace comedy begin! From Monday to weekend, the jokes never stop! The poorest rich kid husky x temperamental capable city woman When a husky becomes a subordinate, trouble is inevitable! "Promotion! Salary increase! Train(?) A Husky!"

Chapter 3
ComedyOffice workerOne shotRomance

I Want to Become Better Acquainted with the Kuudere Convenience Store Manager manga,

Chapter 12.1
ComedyOffice workerRomanceSlice of life

The True Face That Your Lover Shows Only to You Is Precious manga, Koibito ga Jibun ni Dake Misete Kureru Sugao ga Toutoi,

Chapter 12
JoseiOffice workerRomance

Kedakaki Kemono No Ai wo Shire manga, Know The Love Of This Noble Wolf Though the daughter of a noble conglomerate family, Yuri was called a "weed" and treated with scorn and unfriendliness by her relatives because her father was an illegitimate child. Yuri accompanies her father over from Tokyo to the snowy north of Japan when he accepts a demotion. However, there she meets a man named Kaga, who has captivating and beautiful wolf-like eyes. The capable Kaga is the head of a local distinguished family and is also the vice president of the branch. Due to an arrangement he made, Yuri ended up working quietly in the secretarial office. It's been five years since then. Yuri's ill father has passed away, and she fears she'll be called back to Tokyo by her relatives. On a snowy night, she is called to the Kaga family mansion. There, Kaga suddenly suggests, "Do you have any interest in becoming my wife?" In a snow-covered town, a dramatic love story is about to begin.

Chapter 24
Office workerRomance

My President Pretend To Be My Lover & Meet My Father, Shachou, Koibito no Furi wo shite Watashi no Chichi ni Atte kudasai.The story centers on a fake romantic relationship between a company CEO and his top performer female subordinate. She's been betrothed by her father to the son of a prominent family, a family with both political and business power and this match bring her current corporation where her much respected superior leads the way to ruin.

Chapter 44
DramaManhwaOffice workerRomanceShoujo

My Boss Scolds Me manhwa, My Boss is My Biggest Fan!By day, Naeul Ju is an unassuming pushover at J&H Tab House. By night, she is Author Juna, a popular writer known for her web novel, Love Shot. No one knows about her secret double life except for her two closest friends. Hiding behind her taglines, she struggles to speak up while working for her ignorant boss, Dobin Kwon. She finds comfort in her cyberfriend, Dobi, who has always been there to support her. Workplace drama, pen names, and hidden identities what will Naeul do when she realizes that Dobi is actually her ruthless boss, Dobin?

Chapter 16
ComedyOffice workerRomance

Koi Suru Fukurahagi manga, Koisuru Fukurahagi, An excessively pragmatic Mie Haruhiko and an "experienced" Otome Urara love each other, but they keep finding each other at cross purposes.This is an awkward, fidgety office worker romantic comedy!

Chapter 15
ComedyOffice worker

My New Employee is a Monster Cosplayer manga, A casual dress code at work leads to new experiences every day.