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Hardcore Leveling Warrior: Earth Game

Hardcore Leveling Warrior; Hardcore Leveling Warrior: Earth Game; Высокоуровневый воин; Хардкорный воин; モーレツ戦士; 熱Level戰士; 熱練戰士; 열렙전사; 열렙전사 3부; 열렙전사 Earth Game; 열렙전사 Lucid Adventure

Authors : Kim Sehoon (김세훈)

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Adventure

Chapters: 29

Last update: 10 days ago


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I'm... back! After a comet collides on Earth, a gaming world filled with monsters and dungeons becomes a reality. Amidst the chaos, Ethan wakes up as Hardcore Leveling Warrior, an almighty game character with exceptional luck and power. Once again, he will embark on a journey to become the strongest... but this time, on Earth!