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Chapter 628

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Madison MitchellKinda bad on  Taming The Lady
It was really really amazing in the beginning. However the ending is important too! It was too rushed. Not only was it too rushed I felt like the storyline got worse. It got super weird. If the end of thr story was as great as the beginning I'd give 5 stars. It would have been a masterpiece.
Killin With Ki11RoySucks big time on  Oni to Tengu no Koiwazurai
Ew, it's just gross.
NothingRocks on  Why not, CEO?
Cute! Not a huge shounen fan but this is perfect
wowRocks on  BaDoom
DynaRocks on  The Protagonist Just Wants Fall in Love
There's the same story that has 86chp already
It have the same title, just put(to)after the "wants" and change it with "falling"
Like this 
"The Protagonist Just Wants(To Falling) In Love"
BunnyRocks on  Far from Romance
This was such a lovely, cozy reading
gød of haremsMeh on  Gedou Tenisha no Harem Dungeon Seisakuki
Look I'm not a fan of an MC like this. I prefer either the hero or the anti-hero type that all in all does a good job at creating a Harem and helps the world around him. With that said, there is a weird space in this MC thinking where it kinda makes sense to do what he does. The world he is in, is messed up enough where at times he looks like he is actually helping his soon to be harem members. That's me being very generous because he really is a no good scoundrel who is driven by evil desire and not in the fun way. Hence, all rappee talk. He also makes it clear that he is just going to be horrible because he wants to with this Isekai opportunity. All in all if you're here for the art it's fine. There are others with the art just as good and sometimes better. I kinda speed through it because it makes me uncomfortable. It's literally right on that border for me. You may skip it, and that is good. Who knows if I'll even keep up with it.
GoldenMuffinRocks on  Black Mirror
Just read this
HarukiSucks big time on  Usami’s Little Secret!
Could barely even make it past the first chapter without cringing 💀💀
YesMeh on  Snow White BL
Its really funny but the plot is kinda confusing

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