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blue rena
blue renaRocks on  Unmei-teki Lovemeter
this is so cuteeee, wholdesome, has good & unique story
this is my first review bc i think this manga deserve much more rating
no dramatic angst, the story issues are make sense, no plot hole, it's quite simple cute BL romcom but not boring at all and very engaging & surely binge-able
also still fun to re-read, i already read this like 3-4 times
if u like BL just read it
Black leopardRocks on  Jinx

I don't understand how am I rating this manhwa when it has just one chp it's still new but the moment I heard that it has the same author of bj alex I came here as fast as lightening to read it and I'm so excited. 

Okay so the story got me into it I think I'm loving this already so much the uke is just innocent poor baby he is suffering a lot in his life and it seems that he is gonna suffer more cuz of the seme and the seme is a walking red flag 🚩 a huge one I just hope that there's gonna be a character development in the seme character with time I l don't want him to cuz any other troubles for the uke though it looks like he is sure going to anyway I like it and I hope that the author continues to upload chapters I don't want to wait like a year for a second season.

s_l the gloom
s_l the gloomRocks on  Roses and Champagne
It has some interesting things and a cute relationship between the lawyer and Tser.
ryouseiRocks on  Daytime Star
just read it. no regret. chef kiss.
Xrisi Lives for ice cream
Xrisi Lives for ice creamRocks on  Kagetoki-sama no Kurenai Koukyuu
This is so interesting 👀
KoyunonaRocks on  Omniscient Reader’S Viewpoint
solo leveling author
NekoniRocks on  Gift "mugen Gacha" De Level 9999
Epically awesome op mc
Heavenly BlossomsRocks on  When The Yakuza Falls In Love
I loved it!!
Sneha BiswasRocks on  Biting the Tiger
loved it
Марина Бондаренко
Марина БондаренкоRocks on  Escape, Ray
This is sooo sweeet! Thank you so much for this story, I adore all of you

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