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How to Get My Husband on My Side

How to Make My Husband on My Side / How to Win My Husband Over / 남편을 내 편으로 만드는 방법


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She became a villainess who died by her husband's hands in the novel. To be more precise, she became a supporting character who died while being used as a tool for political marriage by her father and brother. One day, my damn father crawled out and chose my fifth groom. The problem is that the chosen person was the best Paladin of the North and the very person who will kill me and my family in the future. First, I have to find a way to live. In the novel, before finding a way to save my sister-in-law that was going to die by my hands, there are many challenges I need to overcome. Such as melting my husband's cold exterior, gaining the Northerner's favor, and overcoming the Duke's contempt. If I can overcome these challenges, wouldn't my life be saved later? "I fell in love with you!" So please spare me!