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I Proposed to the Pope

Wo Xiang Jiaohuang Qiuhunle, 我向教皇求婚了

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Manhua , Romance

Chapters: 10

Last update: 2 days ago


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Read manhua I Proposed to the Pope / / I Proposed to the Pope / Wo Xiang Jiaohuang QiuhunleEmpire Princess Helene is reborn on the day when the younger brother of the crown prince brings back the female protagonist from the book. In her previous life, her own hand-raised younger brother becomes infatuated with the female protagonist from the book, causing national turmoil and mercilessly killing her sister due to a single word from the female protagonist. After being reborn, infatuation? Lock it down for me! An ungrateful white-eyed wolf? Then I won't raise it. The female protagonist dares to shake the foundation of the empire with her halo? This princess will beat you until your teeth fall out! Worried that the Pope and the time-traveling woman will disrupt the empire's foundation together.