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My Queen Is the Leader of Martial Arts

Mi reina es la líder de las artes marciales; 朕的皇后是武林盟主;


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They says that for dominating martial arts, Ling Yun first established a small objective: To become the leader of martial arts. But when her objective was about to complete her brother used his identity to get with success the atencion of the emperor. What she can do? She also is desperate.So as not to commit the crime of cheating the emperor, Ling Yun had to "marry in his name"She wanted to wait calmly death in the palace, but didn't expect to cause more troubles. Gong Dou? Is better to fight. Conspiracy? Is better to fight. Ling Xing? Is better to fight.She (Ling Yung) can't use his mouth if she can explain with a punch! Good fight?