Spill It, Cocktail Nights!

Bareteru! Kakuteru Naito ; バレてる!カクテルナイト

Authors : Takayama Toshinori

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Ecchi , Gender bender , Romance , School life , Seinen

Chapters: 21

Last update: 4 days ago

4.7 /5 (106 votes)

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Let's just say my best friend's... a magical girl.The Cocktail Nights are popular, secretive battle maidens who cleanse the people of their stress. No one knows of these girl's true identity... well they shouldn't! Only I, Riku Daichi (long time unrequited), knows of one of their secret identities. But we have to keep it under wraps. Presenting a love-comedy with confidential-levels of mistakes!


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Spill It, Cocktail Nights!