Switched at Thunder

영혼과 결혼사이

Authors : Heeso , Seona

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Josei , Manhwa , Romance , Supernatural

Chapters: 55

Last update: 13 days ago

4.4 /5 (44 votes)

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The story unfolds as two newscasters Joori, Byeon and Hari Byeon, whose lives are at two ends of the spectrum, get into a car accident. Joori quickly regains her consciousness at the hospital, but she finds out that she is now in Hari's body and that she has to marry a total stranger Hueil, Hari's fianc, a millionaire with such rudeness. She tries to make sense of everything while Hari still remains unconscious. Along the way, she discovers that Hari's marriage was contractual and that everything about her, from her parents to personality, was fake. Soon after the wedding, she starts seeing Hari's spirit and it haunts her to death.


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Switched at Thunder