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The Falling Merman



You are reading The Falling Merman manga, one of the most popular manga covering in Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen ai, Yaoi genres, written by 麟潜, Re-vendur, 流浪草工作室, 长佩文学网 at MangaBuddy, a top manga site to offering for read manga online free. The Falling Merman has 124 translated chapters and translations of other chapters are in progress. Lets enjoy.
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Tactical command boss (coquettish white lion alpha) × force value top dumb beauty assaulter (noble mermaid omega). Both of them were once experimental subjects of the Academy, relying on each other but “using” each other. Because of a misunderstanding, the white lion was injured by the mermaid, yelling about revenge, but it was difficult to start when he was goodbye. After all, he still wanted to protect his little mermaid…