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The Palace Beast

Beast of the Palace / ๊ถ๊ถ์˜ ๋งน์ˆ˜

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Historical , Manhwa

Chapters: 50

Last update: 2 months ago


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Read manhwa The Palace Beast / Beast of the Palace / The princess knew she had extraordinary abilities, but knowing that she would never become a queen, the princess wanted to live the rest of her life quietly with her maid. However, the conspiracy of the state covets the country, and the prince, who feels that the princess is a threat, touches the princess's maid and the maid disappears. The moment he touches the lady-in-waiting who truly cares for her among those who have lived in the palace all their lives and only told lies for their own benefit, The extraordinary serpent begins to stretch to become a dragon that jumps over the Imoogi himself to protect her people. "The current princess will unify the three kingdoms." In a country built with G**'s consideration and dragon's favor, human greed and ability stained by the dragon's curse, and a scheduled war that began with prophecy. Can the prophecy be completed and the princess become empress?