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The Perfect

완벽한; 완벽한 (The Perfect); 완벽한(The Perfect);

Authors : 49 , Samk , Shoestring

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Drama , Romance , Yaoi , Webtoons

Chapters: 1

Last update: a month ago


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Heartless, an emotionless being that harms people indiscriminately.A world in danger due to the sudden appearance of Heartless.A special disaster prevention office is established to respond to the Heartless attack and those who commit crimes in the resulting turbulent world.Han Je-myeong, a junior employee at the Special Disaster Prevention Agency, is on the verge of being fired due to a pending case related to the processing of Heartless that is vague in his memory. As he rushes to resolve the issue, he accidentally meets Na, CEO of 4K, the top heartless hunter company.He was expelled from the company overnight and was placed with the industry's top veterans. To make matters worse, he was even ordered to go on a business trip to 4K...There, Han Je-myeong meets 4K's other co-representative, CEO Guk.+