Watashi no Tadashii Onii-chan

My Dear Big Brother ; My right older brother ; My Righteous Older Brother ; Watashi no Tadashii Oniichan ; 真实的哥哥 ; 私の正しいお兄ちゃん

Authors : Morie Satoshi

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Josei , Mystery , Psychological , Romance , Slice of life

Chapters: 17

Last update: 12 days ago

4.53 /5 (200 votes)

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[from cotton candy scans]Rize, who's a university student, met Kairi at her part-time job at the supermarket. While lending her shoulder to Kairi who has trouble sleeping, she is reminded of her older brother who left her when she was young, and Rize starts to feel affection towards him. However, she was shocked when she saw Kairi's diary in his apartment saying that he had killed someone. What is the truth behind the person she likes? As the truth slowly comes to light, Rize starts chasing after her love for Kairi! This is Morie Satoshi's rollercoaster work that has crime, mystery and love!!

Watashi no Tadashii Onii-chan