Wife Is School Goddess


Authors : Updating

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Comedy , Romance , Manhua

Chapters: 363

Last update: a day ago

4.3 /5 (183 votes)

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Wife Is School Goddess Comics Online. A vet returns to school after his military tours, only to find himself involved in the trouble of many girls:Qian yilan, the most adored goddess on campus, known for her wisdom and pride;Zhen Wei, a gentle and brave campus sweetheart who directly confessed to our MC;Song Daiying, a hot lady trying to charm her way into our MC's heart;Liu Mei, an adorkable yet mysterious student who seems to pretend to be silly;And Ms. Jun, who accidentally shares a flat with our MC."Seems like my civilian life is as complicated as my past missions"


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Wife Is School Goddess