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Can You Hear MeChapter 1

Read "Can You Hear Me" for free at Story line of "Can You Hear Me":During a big campus carnival, five people escaped to the beach to play a card game. Lin Weixia then got the chance to ask Ban Sheng a question. Lin Weixia: "What do you want to be?" B

Will Die For YouChapter 3

Read manhwa "Will Die For You" for free at Summary:In an era of chaos, where the throne has lost its rightful owner, the five noble houses engage in a fierce war to claim the coveted seat. As the gods, angered by the spilled blood and rampant desires

My Fantasies Are Cumming to Life?!Chapter 9

Read manhwa "My Fantasies Are Cum**** to Life?!" for free at Summary:Park Seojin is the very picture of a ladylike woman. She's elegant, modest, and works harder than anyone at her successful job at a large corporation. Or, at least that's the image

The Demolition NightChapter 6

Read manhwa "The Demolition Night" for free at Summary:The broken girl walked barefoot, full of blood and redemption. conspiracy hidden in the darkness.Alternative:What is mangabuddy?mangabuddy is currently the largest manhwa website with thousands o

It Turns Out That I Have Been Invincible For A Long TimeChapter 0
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

Read manhwa "It Turns Out That I Have Been Invincible For A Long Time" for free at Summary:Over a five-year journey around the world, Ye Changqing first believed he could be like other cool novel protagonist systems with a plug-in, but even the most

The Story Of How I Got Together With The Manager On ChristmasChapter 2

Read manhwa "The Story Of How I Got Together With The Manager On Christmas" for free at Summary:In this short story from NOAH, a guy ends up celebrating Christmas with his manager from workAlternative:What is mangabuddy?mangabuddy is currently the la

Leveling Up My Isekai'd AbsChapter 12

Sung Suwoo has it all he's handsome, strong, and popular. His only problem is he can't grow abs no matter how much he trains! After being dumped by his girlfriend for having a flabby tummy, he gets isekai'd into a webcomic universe! Can he successfu

Fukushuu no Taishi - Level 9999 no Bakumatsu Isekai TenseiChapter 11

During the end of the Edo Period, the Shinsengumi are suddenly transferred to another world. As they arrive, a guide from the other world, Hangya, appears and tells them, "There's only one way for you all to return to your former world. Please, defea

In the Beginning, the Ancient Demon Saint Used Me as a CauldronChapter 13
ActionComedyMartial artsRomance

The first step of cultivation is to make a contract with a demonic familiar. He was untalented and unwanted, until he runs into an ancient demon lord, who happens to take the form of a se** girl with a tail! She tells him that his foundations are str

Necromancer Academy and the Genius SummonerChapter 79HOT

Necromancers have built a name for themselves as fearsome practitioners of magic capable of dropping entire empires to their knees. Simon Follentia is a necromancer with incredible latent talent! After being scouted for the necromancer's academy, thi

My Pet MaidChapter 35

Read Manhwaon WARNING:, the largest English comic websites has just updated the latest chapter of manhwa "My Pet Maid"Summary:I've been raised as a substitute for my half-sister for the rest of my life at the age of 20, and I have a reason to live. M

The Second Coming of the Demon EmperorChapter 0
Martial arts

Treated with disdain as the unwanted son-in-law, Ye Fan's destiny seemed sealed when his dantian was brutally shattered, condemning him to a life of powerlessness. But from this adversity, he awakens memories of his past life where he was none other

Rebirth Of The Immortal Arrogant Son-in-lawChapter 9
ActionEcchiMartial arts

The loose Immortal cultivator Ye Chen was attacked by a traitor in the immortal world, and he was reborn and returned back into the past. In his previous life, he was persecuted by a rich second generation, his wife was snatched away from him, and he

I Raised the Yandere Villain EmpressChapter 20
RomanceMartial arts

What is the experience of being betrayed and given to death by a disciple who has been raised with all his heart and soul? Exhausting his cultivation to finally obtain a chance to be reborn! In this life, he's become corrupted. What's the point of he

The Evil Grand Duchess Has a Secret LifeChapter 37

When a top actress namedEliseis killed by her boyfriend, she gets transmigrated into the villainess of a story she was supposed to star in. But what's this? The man who was supposed to get transmigrated as her partner is too affectionate! Didn't they

The Bromance Book ClubChapter 32

Gavin Scott, a star MLB player, is on the verge of losing his marriage. Desperate to win his wife back, he seeks redemption in Nashville's secret club, exclusively for alpha males, that uses romance novels to mend relationships. Will Gavin decode the

Her Wish to be Isekai’dChapter 36

Who wouldn't want to be transported inside a book and live the life of a character? That's exactly what Selina wished for when she saw a shooting star one night. It was meant to be a playful joke. However, it really did grant her wish to be isekai'd!

Trace [Remastered]Chapter 116

Kim Yoonsung was a regular guy living a happy life with his family. That is until he discovers he is a "Trace," a class of mutant humans with special abilities who emerged to fight the mysterious monsters known as "Troubles," who threaten Earth. Shun

Can Love Blossom in a Poisoned Heart?Chapter 35

Can Love Blossom in a Poisoned Heart?t at As a young girl, Sasha Corsico was saved from the jaws of a monster by the cold Prince, Paris Vladimiro, who requested a binding promise in return.To survive the injuries she sustained, her family turned to s

That cute kid is my boss at work?!Chapter 5

At the end of a dull romance, preparing for marriage as an ordinary office worker, Kang Si-hyun. In front of her, the child she once took care of, Yoon Tae-ha, appears. He's the newly appointed chief, in other words, Si-hyun's boss. "You can't do thi

Going To Bed With My HaterChapter 45

Heesu,a critic known for her hating comments towards the Korea's top actor Dohyun was getting herself drunk in a small street vendor near her house after her boyfriend's ghosting. She runs intoDohyunwhile she's totally wasted, and somehow wakes up na

Protect the Fake Saint!Chapter 3

What is the true identity of the most beautiful woman in the kingdom?! Dana was a high school senior in Korea who was about to take the CSAT. Unfortunately, she gets hit by a truck and is reincarnated in the romance fantasy world. I was trying to liv

We Got Ourselves Stuck Inside an Adult Fantasy NovelChapter 31

There's only so much one can take of her friend squealing over yet another clich romance fantasy novel. But the biggest clich of all happens when Jiwon and Yein reincarnate with Sihyeon in the exact story their friend is so obsessed with! Though G**

The Huntress and The Mad ScientistChapter 44

"I can't log out?!" Esperanza finds herself trapped in a virtual reality game and unable to log out. Suddenly, she is transported 13 years into the past and finds herself stuck in the eerie mansion of the mad scientist, the Earl of Avenedale. In orde

One Night OnlySide.8 : The EndHOT

Read One Night Only manga manhwa update free at Bibimanga.Com"I just want a child! One night with you is all I need" Cha Sia, an alpha heiress, has stayed away from omegas since her engagement was called off just before her wedding. She parted on go

Learning to Love YouChapter 70

Learning to Love You manga Learning to Love You manhwa update free on Bibimanga.ComWho needs s**, anyways? That's what 32-year old teacher Choi Yeo-eun used to think, until she has a mind-blowing experience during a drunken one-night stand. When she

The Tale of the Frost FlowerChapter 66

The Tale of the Frost Flower manga read online on mangabuddy!An imperial scandal and a shattered first love.Sabi is secretly in love with her childhood friend Yusu and wishes to marry him. But the day after her coming-of-age celebration, she finds he

Reborn As the Character That Never ExistedChapter 38

Reborn As the Character That Never Existed manga read online on mangabuddy!"After meeting her death, Thalia is reborn as the female protagonist's older sister, a character that never existed in the novel she wrote in her past life. She tries hard to

Surrender to the Serpent GoddessChapter 74

Surrender to the Serpent Goddess / Hebi Hime-sama no Oose no Mama ni / / In a town that worships the Serpent G**, Mihika, a girl who takes on the blood of the Snake Priestess, was tormented by a family curse. Only Sen Kujo, the priest of the shrine,

Loving the NowSide.1 : Adult edition
RomanceShounen aiWebtoon

Loving the Now"He looks just like your ex-muse, right?" Lee Muwan leads a quiet life as a writer. His friends constantly worry about him and his solitary lifestyle. One day, a friend of his decides to hire a housekeeper for him, so Muwan can at least

The Secret PromiseChapter 62

The Secret Promise mangaLee Jisoo has one goal in life: to destroy Chairman Jung the same way he destroyed her family. While trying to get dirt on Jung's private life, she runs into Moon Hyun-soo, the CEO of an investment company. Much to Jisoo's sur

Long Lasting LoveChapter 50

Long Lasting Love mangaSoftland / Attached Touch / Late Arrival / / You made me like this. You have to take responsibility, Jaehee." It's been ten years since Jaehee last saw Sae-heon. Back then, Sae-heon was her whole world. But after a miserable b

Maybe MineChapter 51

Maybe Mine manga yaoi read for free on mangabuddy.ComWhat are the chances of finding love through a dating app? The shy and unexperienced Hyunsoo definitely doesn't have the answer to that question, or to her nonexistent love life. But after hiding

Heal, Heal, Heal!Chapter 58

Heal, Heal, Heal! manga yaoi read for free on mangabuddy.ComAt a bar on the first day of school, Go Shinjae, a tall and handsome dance major student from a prominent family, hears drunk Baek Hanbin, a pale photography student with huge tacky glasse

Falling for DangerChapter 21

I could kill you if I wanted.Hayden Windsor was a renowned hitman until he is betrayed and loses the love of his life. With nothing left to live for, he begins a war of revenge on the very organization he used to work for. That is, until he meets Mar

The Werewolf Is MineChapter 39
Shounen ai

Read The Werewolf Is Mine free onlineThe two biggest companies in town are run by a werewolf and a vampire, who also happen to be childhood friends. The werewolf has been in love with the vampire for 15 years, and he decided to take their relationshi

In the Castle: the Dragon’s Erotic EducationChapter 36

In the Castle: the Dragon's Erotic Education yaoi read for free onWhen one's life mission is to provide a mighty dragon with the s** education he deserves, one needs to really commit. Even if it means you have to spend the majority of your life alone

Sunday’s SolaceChapter 39

Sunday's Solace manga yaoi read for free on mangabuddy.ComOffice worker Jeong Rawon has a humble dream: to make it through the workweek and enjoy his days off in peace. Unfortunately, he is just one drunk younger brother away from having his desire

Finding the WayChapter 43

Finding the Way manga yaoi read for free on mangabuddy.ComWhat if one little misunderstanding led to the biggest mistake of your life? Lee Kang, dominant alpha and the heir to the Se-ryong foundation, first helps out Yeo Juheon because he feels sor

Puppy Ever AfterChapter 37

Puppy Ever AfterGyujin is special. He's the only son of the legendary blue-eyed German shepherd familyand he's a 26-year-old virgin. To carry on the family lineage, his parents organize an arranged marriage. However, Gyujin cannot think of getting ma

How to Stop a Tyrant from Being DecadentChapter 1

How to Stop a Tyrant from Being Decadentn contrast to her past life in Korea, the storybook world Rayne Haatz inhabits is full of wondersthink dreamy powers, nobles inspired by card suits, and anthromorphs. There's just one issue her destiny in this

The Night MarketChapter 0

The Night MarketDo you dare enter the night market? One day Mia finds Yuji, an old friend from high school, waiting for her outside her house. She reluctantly agrees to go with him to a night market which turns out to be run by demons. To make matter

Take Care of my Body!Chapter 1

Take Care of my Body!The Live For Project of the Youth and Adults Generation! It goes beyond generational conflicts and captures the story of empathy and communication.

Insect ChangeChapter 1

Insect ChangeA group of high school students on a graduation trip were attacked by black bugs in the desert woods, and the bus wandered into the desert woods

Rebirth in ParadiseChapter 43

Rebirth in ParadiseWhile haunting her usual subway car one day, lonely ghost Park Ja-eon receives a chance from a deity to redo one year of her life and earn a spot in eternal paradise. With the aid of a grumpy divine guardian and a newfound ability

Transcendence And DivinicideChapter 0
ActionDramaEcchiMartial arts

Transcendence And DivinicideWho ever said g** disappeared? I AM g**! And I bear the mission of saving gods and commoners, wiping out the wicked and driving out the evil!

The Strongest Involution SystemChapter 14
ActionComedyMartial arts

The Strongest Involution SystemChu Xingchen crossed over to the immortal cultivation world, thought he could lie down peaceful to his old age, but he was forcibly bound by the strongest martial g** system, was forced involution, and started the road

5 EvilsChapter 2

5 EvilsA land where humans and demons are always at odds against each other.Although humans were abundant in numbers, it was just enough to keep them alive, barely keeping the balance between the two sides.Will it be the humans who will take over the

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