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Namidaame to SerenadeChapter 60

Suddenly one day--energetic high school girl, Katagiri Hina, has time slipped into the year 1907. The first person she sees is the sorrowful man by the name of Hongo Takaaki. Who exactly is this Hongo-sama? As fate works its gears, how would their ro

Clumsy Love with Nekomata-sanChapter 2.2

not found...

Majo to RyoukenChapter 2

***Cease. Join the Witches of Calamity.***Amelia, a kingdom of war and magic led by Queen Amelia, monopolizes the supernatural power of "magic" and repeatedly invades other countries in a time of war. If things go on like this, Campus Fellows will pe

LandlordChapter 6

Featuring avirgin part-time convenience store worker,Yoon Hyuk, who experiences a sudden windfall in his mundane life when he wins the lotto!Just like that, he becomes a landlord. But just when he thinks the only thing left is to confess to his crush

Debt Of LoveChapter 70HOT

Alternative Name: , Debt Of Love, Fuzhai Guanxi, Relationship of LiabilityYoung loyal dog star x calm and stern president Han Dongqing and Hongyue are a pair of uncles and nephews who are not biologically related. Hongyue's parents cheated Han Dongqi

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei - Double Seven HenChapter 32

The second year has started! Mikihiko has been promoted to Course 1, Tatsuya has entered the new Magical Engineering Course, and trouble is brewing between Saegusa Mayumi's younger twin sisters and 1st year representative Shippou Takuma, a member of

Okitsune Gal Katabami-sanChapter 3

A very ordinary and serious high school student, Kam-kun.Though his days are filled with diligent study, his concern lies in his childhood friend, Katabami-san, who interferes with his studies every day.And to make matters more complicated, Katabami-

Lilia Pregnant The World EndChapter 9

After defeating the Demon King and saving the other world, the hero Takahiro returns to the real world. One day, Lilia, the daughter of the Demon King, suddenly arrives in Takahiro's world, where he lives a peaceful life. Takahiro braces himself for

Wo Jia Dashi Xiong Naozi You KengChapter 503
ActionComedyMartial arts

The adventures of the eldest apprentice of a sect who has a problem with his brain.

Daisy: How To Become The Duke's FiancéeChapter 186

Sweet, timid Daisy meets a tragic end after being betrayed by the man she loves. When she is given a second chance at life, she vows not to repeat the same mistakes of the past! The only problem is that she must pay off her father's gambling debt to

My Boyfriend is a GodChapter 59

Love is divine. Miso Lee lives an uneventful life. Then one day, a man drops down from the heavens before her and claims to be a god. He also insists that Miso has a ring one he had given to his lover centuries ago. Is he telling the truth? And if he

DaisyChapter 186

.Get married to the Marquess for 3 years and receive 5 billion coins vs. endure physical labor with no pay for 60 years. Which choice will Daisy make?A marriage of convenience develops between Daisy, who is a baron's daughter, and the Marquess. The c

Omaeni Dakareru Nante Kiitenai!Chapter 35

Even though he's an ordinary office worker, it has become part of Natori's daily routine to have a dry org*** while watching AVs featuring crossdressing men. One day at an alumni gathering, he reunites with Seo who he learns works in the AV industry,

Psycho PartyChapter 11

Welcome to the world of psychics.A certain incident has led to a world where psychics are considered dangerous. In the midst of this, a girl named Hibana unexpectedly blossoms a powerful psychic ability. Some try to protect her, some try to use her,

Apocalypse Jigsaw PuzzleChapter 14

Enjoy Manhua Free at WARNING:The latest chapter of manhua "Apocalypse Jigsaw Puzzle" has just been updated on , the biggest English comic website!Summary:The tall tower symbolises the pearl of the apocalypse, the abnormal monster outside the tower a

Surviving as an Obsessive ServantChapter 21

Read manhwa Surviving as an Obsessive Servant / Surviving as an Obsessed Servant / I've died of the same rare disease 3 times in the world of a BL novel. I can't die like this anymore. So I took special measures. Let's just put a spoon on the well-

Isekai de Kekkon Soudansho HajimemashitaChapter 6

Mien Sotono, who works at a marriage counseling agency, is trying to protect a couple who have arranged a marriage and is hit by a car. And when she woke up, she found herself in a different world filled with values different from modern times!! Mien

21st century martial artistChapter 5
ActionMartial arts

If you become ten times stronger, I will become a hundred times stronger! Lim Han is becoming even stronger.Corrupt politicians, wicked businessmen,and the gangster who oppressed the weak,all have no choice but to cower in the face of a new hero. Now

Making a Child with a BeastChapter 61HOT

.Are you so happy to conceive my child that you can't restrain yourself?" I'm a playboy, but I get wet when a beast man touches me...!? Yurito, a playboy who attends a veterinary school, is suffering from the idiosyncratic nature of being "avoided an

Omae ni Dakareru Nante Kittenai!Chapter 35

[From BL DOT C**]Even though he's an ordinary office worker, it has become part of Natori's daily routine to have a dry org*** while watching AVs featuring crossdressing men. One day at an alumni gathering, he reunites with Seo who he learns works in

Sensei de, sekkusu no renshū shite ī?Chapter 72

.A pure eros comic serialization about a younger Super Darling seme x Beautiful Teacher!!"Taiga-kun's fingers feel so good I can't think straight"A close/best friend who was also his first love entrusted Makihara to take care of his nephew, Taiga.Mak

Oretachi no Hanashi wo ShiyouChapter 6

In high school, Junpei once got so absorbed in painting something for the school festival when Makito, his popular classmate, came and talked to him. That turned out to be the one and only time they ever had a memorable conversation together.Six year

Mobile Suit Gundam: Red Giant 03rd MS TeamChapter 12

Mobile Suit Gundam: Red Giant 03rd MS Team summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Mobile Suit Gundam: Red Giant 03rd MS Team. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact u

7th ManChapter 17.1

If he takes this medicine once a day for 7 days, he'll be getting 700 million won?! Eungyu received a part-time job recommendation from his lifelong friend, Nara. He agreed, and with a hesitant mind, he went to the said place which turns out to be a

Doomsday jigsaw puzzleChapter 16

doomsday jigsaw puzzle

Makigama No PandoraChapter 5

Eri Hourai, a second-year high school girl, takes over "Pandora" - a bakery specialising in wood fire cooked goods.

Raven SagaChapter 113

Secluded deep within the forest, Wen has never experienced life outside her cottage home. Alongside her over-protective grandmother, they both live under a protective seal that had kept them unseen from the rest of the world. Every day she is told to

Kawaii Joushi wo KomarasetaiChapter 88

Ira Megumi is a 31-years-old woman who is currently at the top of her career. Shea beautiful woman whobrimming with pride and totally has no interest in love or marriage. Though one morning after a drinking party, she wakes up to find the new employe

Meme GirlsChapter 261

Memes from the internet turned into cute anime girls, created by Merryweather and with artwork by Princess Hinghoi

NicoichiChapter 60

Description : This is a story about the love and hardships of a 29-year old guy named Makoto Suda. Makoto is an ordinary office worker in every sense but one: in front of Takashi, his stepchild, he has disguised himself as a woman and played the role

Hanyo no YashahimeChapter 32


Reborn As The Heavenly DemonChapter 14
ActionMartial arts

Tian Hejin, popularly called as the Iron-Blooded Alliance Leader, wakes up in the body of "Bi Liduan"- the disgrace of his family! His hobby is gambling, and he has been locked in a dark warehouse for a long time. Overnight, Tian Hejin went from bein

I love you, Kyouko-san.Chapter 10

The manga centers on a "twisted" relationship.

Pheromone ImpossibleChapter 107
ComedyRomanceShounen ai

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Luo Zhiyu and Xiao Yan, both presenting in the middle of a gang fight, are carried to t

I, a kept man, am the pet of two high-spec men!Chapter 2

Yusuke, who lives as a kept man, suddenly loses his home one day! When he goes to a bar to drown his sorrows, he ends up being caught by debt collectors. To make matters worse, he's injected with an aphrodisiac...?! In this desperate situation, two a

DecemberSeason 2 Chapter 21HOT

On a quiet dawn, in the midst of Yeonwoo's shrill buzzing, he met a runaway boy. Yeon-woo sees that he shares the same problem with the boy and since he is kind of cute he decides to help the boy he met for the first time, who then reacted strongly t

Guiding HazardChapter 29.5HOT

not found...

Pheromone Say OtherwiseChapter 107
DramaComedyRomanceShounen ai

(Omega x Alpha)Luo Zhiyu and Xiao Yan, both presenting in the middle of a gang fight, are carried to the hospital one after the other. One becomes an omega, and one becomes an alpha. Probably because the two were in the middle of an intense brawl at

Wail Of WeaknessChapter 40

Ananta, a barbaric warrior cursed by a demon g**. In order to punish the incarnation of the wings, who turned his fate into a tragedy, he endlessly feasts on demon gods in a story of blood, sweat, flesh, and bones that yearns for revenge.Wail Of Weak

Dear Fairy, Please Contract With MeChapter 21

Read manhwa Dear Fairy, Please Contract With Me / , Hello. Am I perhaps your first fairy? ** Deep down in a basement, I met a lonely child. I wanted to see the smiling face of that child. So I decided to come into being as a flower fairy. "I promise

Blood SacrificeChapter 71

Blood Sacrifice Manga : Ozae is a blood-drinking monster known as a Bat. Knowing his secret, Seoho offers him a deal. Initially wanting nothing but his blood, at some point the beautiful Ozae finds himself wanting all of Sheoho. While Seoho also soon

Kaiju No. 8Chapter 106HOT

A man working a job far removed from his childhood dreams gets wrapped up in an unexpected situation! Becoming a monster, he aims once again to fulfill his lifelong dream!

Witch EnforcerChapter 14

Witches who defy the law must face judgment. 150 years ago, witches descended from the moon, and ever since, this country has promoted and fostered a deep bond between them and its people. However, not all witches abide by the law. Chosen from their

Akuma KoujoChapter 22

not found...

Doku Mushi - The Ruins HotelChapter 13

Six members of the occult circle will a few days at a ruined love hotel during their summer vacation. Upon arrival they met two additional people who joined them, but on the morning of the second day, a female member was found detained naked. In addi

Kawaii Joushi o KomarasetaiChapter 88

Ira Megumi is a 31-years-old woman who is currently at the top of her career. She's a beautiful woman who's brimming with pride and totally has no interest in love or marriage. Though the next morning, she wakes up and find the new employee, Aoki Shu

Paradise IntruderChapter 6

Read manhwa Paradise Intruder / The world is divided into three zones. The Sky Island, the land, and the underworld, Proserpina'. Miobe', who lives in Proserpina, only dreams of the day when she will go to the Sky Island with her first love, Haluk'.

8-Gatsu 31-Nichi No Long SummerChapter 18

Suzuki-kun and Takagi-san are two high school students who met in a time looping August 31st. Only the two of them keep their memories. The cause of the time loop is believed to be something Suzuki-kun has left undone over summer vacation, a teenage

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