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AsakoChapter 14.5

Description : "Asako" depicts the relationship between an 11-year-old boy living in a seaside fishing village, Masashi Aoshima, and a mysterious beauty, Asako, who came to stay at his guest house from Tokyo. 11

Arknights: 123 Rhodes Island!?Chapter 92

Fancy MateChapter 24

This series will be fan-scanlated by BL Haven Scans.Please do not reupload without our permission. Refrain from sharing our works on any social media platforms.Support the author if you can.- Hikki

I Picked A Hammer To Save The WorldChapter 32

After defeating the commander of the seventh Corps of the Demon King's Army, Tiny' was about to die. However, in a desperate situation where the destruction of mankind can not be prevented, the last surviving comrade, Sword Emperor', uses the power o

Igarashi-kun to Nakahara-kunChapter 8
RomanceShounenShounen ai

Original Webcomic

Kusunoki-San Failed To Debut In High SchoolChapter 5

After his traumatic years in junior high school, the ultra-introvert Shizuki Keisuke decides to turn his life around, and gives himself a complete make-over for his high school "debut." His new high school life seems promising, as no one is aware of

There is no true peace in this world -Shin Kamen Rider SHOCKER SIDE-Chapter 17

A completely original manga project spun-off from *Shin Kamen Rider* directed by Anno Hideaki! A dark hero rising story by a superb production team depicting the biggest enemy in *Shin Kamen Rider* and *SHOCKER*!

Houkai Gakuen 4-KomaChapter 247

Houkai Gakuen 4-Koma summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Houkai Gakuen 4-Koma. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Hisashiburi Ni Jikka Ni Kaettara Otouto Ga Ts Shiteta.Chapter 9

Hisashiburi ni Jikka ni Kaettara Otouto ga TS Shiteta. summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Hisashiburi ni Jikka ni Kaettara Otouto ga TS Shiteta.. If you have any question about this manga, Please don

Totsuzen Nantonaku Tonari no Seki no Dōryō to Kisu Shitaku Narimashita.Chapter 2

Tomoka Hayami and Mami Kohashi, complete opposites of each other, are dating. One day, Hayami says that she wants to live together with Kohashi...This series is a sequel to "For Some Reason Suddenly I Wanted to Have S** With the Coworker Who Sits Nex

Picked up a delinquent todayChapter 10

Housewife X JkChapter 17

A housewife and her daughter's friend have a little affair. Will they be caught or will it end as just "s**-friends"?

I Thought He Was A GirlChapter 48
Shounen ai

The Sum Of UsChapter 23

Meet Dong-hae: a meek and introverted person who finds himself growing more and more weary under the fists of his abusive lover, and Su-hyun: a handsome and successful dentist who cares little about what others think of him and even less about the pr

Karakuri CircusChapter 397

From Blackout:The protagonist, Masaru, has just inherited a big fortune after the death of his father. However, people are trying to get their hands on it by any means necessary, even if it means killing him. Narumi helped Masaru from being kidnapped

School Bully's Online Dating Got OverturnedChapter 48
WebtoonsShounen aiRomance

not found...

He + HeChapter 23

.Thanks to his violent lover, Donghae visits the hospital in a state of wounds. Thanks to Suhyun, a doctor who has been offering him a meal, Donghae feels emancipated after a long time.

Global ExaminationChapter 93
ActionRomanceWebtoonShounen ai

This is a test that puts your life at stake. Pass the test and survive. When the two-faced examiner Qin Jiu meets the cold examinee You Huo, the two amnesiacs are put head to head in a fight by the inhumane system. However, they form a tactic agreeme

Green Plum IslandChapter 48

My One and OnlyChapter 61

Arim was returning home after work, drunk and wasted when a handsome man appears in front of her and introduces himself as a "Werewolf". He asks Arim if he can stay in her house for a while. Due to this wolf-man's request, Arim, and Ten begin their d

Lost in the CloudChapter 78HOT
Shounen aiWebtoon

.Hanuel, whose hobby is collecting pictures of his unrequited love, Chanil. However, he was caught by Hyunwoon, the head of the same class, by mistake. The sky is good and expects that Hyunwoon, a good student, will keep his secret... But, for some r

Surviving The Game as a BarbarianChapter 16

Read manhwa Surviving The Game as a Barbarian [By the studio that brought you !]The protagonist, Lee Hansoo, finally reached the boss stage after nine years of playing the game "Dungeon and Stone", which no one had been able to clear until now. Howev

Come here, I’ll carry you to playChapter 52

Introduction: A young man wanted to visit his friend and left the house temporarily. He is very curious, curious about everything, but always wants to deny it. To "special time", there was no medicine made him panic, fear and ran into the forestVietn

Shanimuni GOChapter 170

Ide Nobuhisa has always been a boy full of vitality and a young promise in the field of track running. However one day after a competition, he stumbled over the pretiest pair of legs he had ever seen! Their owner, a young girl practicing tennis makes

Different Country DiaryChapter 54

The daily lives of a 15-year-old orphan and the 35-year-old lady novelist she ends up living with, and what happens when two polar opposite worlds try to -awkwardly- interact.

My One And Only CatChapter 61

I have someone that I really like! I want to be a person, too! The burning love of Baeksu, a cat, towards Yeoul is beyond just any race. Will this wild beast ever succeed? The handsome Yeoul shouldn't do this, but he keeps crossing the line with a ca

Tales Of Demons And GodsChapter 432.5HOT

Nie Li, one of the strongest Demon Spiritist in his past life standing at the pinnacle of the martial world , however he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor and the six deity ranked beast, his soul was then reborn back in time back to w

44i99Vol.2 Chapter 39
ComedyShounen ai

The interesting stories of 44 and 99 that takes place in alternate universes.

Mount Celeb Kaneda-sanChapter 43

Mochiko Kaneda (commonly known as Kaneda-san), a self-important, clumsy sanpaku-eyed celebrity lady, climbs to the top with overwhelming financial power!!

Maou ni Natta node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suruChapter 60.1

Before I realized, I had become the guardian of a dungeon, a Demon Lord. I was suddenly in a dangerous world with giant monsters loitering around, fighting for their existence, so I thought to go about developing the dungeon in order to not die but -

Scary Campus College UniversityChapter 40

Makina Chiraishi is a college student plagued by strange phenomena. She visited some ruins with her senior Fujinomiya, and from that moment on she became plagued with nightmares of being raped every night. Trying to save herself, she visits a mysteri

Silky SecretsChapter 51

Kwon Chang-woon was off to a great start at the cosmetic company he was just hired at. Raving reviews from his coworkers, getting recognized by Park Young-in, the team leader and rising star at the company, things couldn't have been going any better

Zhen Zhen Nan WeiChapter 51

Devil at the CrossroadsChapter 13
WebtoonsComedyShounen aiSupernatural

not found...

Isekai Man Chikin -HP 1 no Mama de Saikyou Saisoku Danjon Kouryaku-Chapter 88

Depicting the story of a shut-in, Kirihara Yukito, after being reincarnated into another world.

Monmusugo! 〜Living In Another World With The Strongest Monster Girls With Translation Skills〜Chapter 3.3

Amakawa Keisuke, a hapless corporate slave who suddenly dies, wakes up in a different world! He tries his best to enjoy life in another world, but he has only been given the bottom-tier skill "Translation" and on top of that, the most powerful monste

Doukyonin no Sano-kun wa Tada no Yuunou na Tantou Henshuu desuChapter 14.1

As a novelist, Tsukaichiro Shinomiya, who has serialized many books, is a workaholic who writes as long as his eyes are open. His room would be so dirty that he couldn't sleep or eat ... His editor in charge, Sano, must take it onto himself to make s

A story about being attacked by an armed JK.Chapter 7

A story about being attacked by an armed JK. summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of A story about being attacked by an armed JK.. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to conta

Try me again if you Dare!Chapter 20

Special Ops 500 accidentally teleported to a RPG world, he has to defeat all 8 demon kings to break the curse of the goddess and go back home. Unfortunately, the main character got a bug with his system and only has 1 damage and 99999 defense, he doe

I’Ll Just Live On As A VillainessChapter 71

I reincarnated into a villain from a book that attempted murder! But"I didn't do it, so why do I have to fix it?"I thought about it for a moment. Let's just get it over with!"It's cold, isn't it?"I was banished somewhere cold. Extremely cold. I'm abo

OomurokeChapter 73

A spin-off of the Yuru Yuri series featuring Sakurako and her sisters.

Nick & LeverChapter 72

The story of two foreign men living in Japan.(from ebookjapan):Nick, with his stylish hair, and Lever, with his dazzling eyes behind his sunglasses, are a HOT & CRAZY foreign duo who will face any obstacles that come their way! The genius Kyogoro

Second Time of DawnChapter 29

not found...

Another World Munchkin -Conquering The Dungeon As The Strongest And The Fastest With Only 1 Hp-Chapter 88

Depicting the story of a shut-in, Kirihara Yukito, after being reincarnated into another world.His peaceful life with his precious caring sister, Sana, suddenly come to an end when a beast appeared and attack them, thus reincarnating him into the "Ev

The Most Talented Woman In the WorldChapter 40

God knows who once said that "To be a scholar is to be at the top of society", making the entire Feng Dynasty give up on martial arts to focus on education and they even opened the imperial exams to women ! As the last illiterate of her time, the mar

Love RebootedChapter 25

It's been a while since all androids have been outlawed. Soojung's never been one for technology, let alone androids. So it's a big surprise when her sister gets her a new job and it's to keep an eye on her illegal android. Soojung feels uncomfortabl

The villainess wants to punish the sadistic princeChapter 18

The villainess wants to punish the sadistic prince manga, The reincarnated villainess noblewoman wants to punish the sadistic prince , Tensei Akuyaku Reijou wa Misekake do S Ouji wo Oshioki shitaiSakai Masako (31) is a sadistic office lady. She was r

Tonari no StellaChapter 14

We're Lovesick Alley and we work on Shoujo/Josei manga. ( ? `)?? ?Discord: https://discord.gg/3Vcpc4CgryWebsite: https://lovesickalley.carrd.co/

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