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I’Ll Just Live On As A VillainessChapter 71

I reincarnated into a villain from a book that attempted murder! But"I didn't do it, so why do I have to fix it?"I thought about it for a moment. Let's just get it over with!"It's cold, isn't it?"I was banished somewhere cold. Extremely cold. I'm abo

OomurokeChapter 73

A spin-off of the Yuru Yuri series featuring Sakurako and her sisters.

Nick & LeverChapter 72

The story of two foreign men living in Japan.(from ebookjapan):Nick, with his stylish hair, and Lever, with his dazzling eyes behind his sunglasses, are a HOT & CRAZY foreign duo who will face any obstacles that come their way! The genius Kyogoro

Second Time of DawnChapter 29

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Another World Munchkin -Conquering The Dungeon As The Strongest And The Fastest With Only 1 Hp-Chapter 88

Depicting the story of a shut-in, Kirihara Yukito, after being reincarnated into another world.His peaceful life with his precious caring sister, Sana, suddenly come to an end when a beast appeared and attack them, thus reincarnating him into the "Ev

The Most Talented Woman In the WorldChapter 40

God knows who once said that "To be a scholar is to be at the top of society", making the entire Feng Dynasty give up on martial arts to focus on education and they even opened the imperial exams to women ! As the last illiterate of her time, the mar

Love RebootedChapter 25

It's been a while since all androids have been outlawed. Soojung's never been one for technology, let alone androids. So it's a big surprise when her sister gets her a new job and it's to keep an eye on her illegal android. Soojung feels uncomfortabl

The villainess wants to punish the sadistic princeChapter 18

The villainess wants to punish the sadistic prince manga, The reincarnated villainess noblewoman wants to punish the sadistic prince , Tensei Akuyaku Reijou wa Misekake do S Ouji wo Oshioki shitaiSakai Masako (31) is a sadistic office lady. She was r

Tonari no StellaChapter 14

We're Lovesick Alley and we work on Shoujo/Josei manga. ( ? `)?? ?Discord: https://discord.gg/3Vcpc4CgryWebsite: https://lovesickalley.carrd.co/

Hikaeme ni Itte mo, Kore wa AiChapter 14

From Lovesick Alley:One day, a serious student named Risa, saves a wounded delinquent on her way home from cram school. Now, that delinquent Zen is following her around!! What will she do?

Boku no Kokoro no Yabai yatsuChapter 122HOT

A "fearsome psycho-thriller" centering on "the dark side of adolescence." The manga centers on Kytar Ichikawa, a person at the very bottom caste of his school, and who hides murderous impulse that lurks at the very bottom of his soul.

His GirlfriendChapter 17.5

It's April of my third and final year in high school... But the beautiful girl I have a crush on is my best friend's girlfriend. Thus begins my year of treading on the dangerous ground...---- (https://www.sunday-webry.com/episode/3269754496618662695)

Pokémon Try AdventureChapter 12

The manga follows the adventures of battle genius Katsuya, Pokmon collector Soro, survival expert Toki, and their Pokmon as they accept missions, go through different challenges, and help many people and Pokmon.

A Gyaru Who's Cold to OtakuChapter 4

A Gyaru Who's Cold to Otaku summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of A Gyaru Who's Cold to Otaku. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you

How About R15?Chapter 9

What should I do to become an adult? Akane Amou, who grew up with her parents forbidding any kind of entertainment, is a little bad with "stimulating" stuff, to the point she can't even watch a kissing scene in a drama. Now that she's a highschool st

Hotaru no YomeiriChapter 12

A romance story set in the Meiji era. Born into a prestigious family and blessed with good looks, Satoko is said to have a short life expectancy. But suddenly, her life is targeted by a mysterious killer...!?In order to survive on the spot, Satoko ma

Reality Tv FamilyChapter 15

You can win millions if you and your family survive 100 days in a haunted house? In order to win Disco at Night's grand prize, two families decide to come together and pretend to be one big family to win! The hilariously frightening story will now st

Gwang-anChapter 73

ENEun-Woo quietly worked as a court lady and hoped to become a Jimil Sanggung, a servant exclusive to the royal family.After 15 years of court life, she finally receives the favor of the Crown Prince.After getting drunk, the Prince visited Eun-Woo ju

For you 99%Chapter 23
RomanceShounen aiWebtoon

Jun entered the same high school as his best friend who is also his unrequited love, Doha. Jun suggests to start a fake relationship with Doha who have no intention of dating despite his popularity as dating practice but... Can Jun protect this relat

Vanilla TasteChapter 44

.Coming soon~

Loveless HeroineChapter 71

Loveless Heroine Pennueng was reincarnated into one of the most well-known Thai folklore epics, "Khunchang-Khunpan".To be more precise, she woke up as a younger self of the infamous female lead, Wanthong the double-hearted'.The nickname she was unfai

R15+ Ja Dame Desuka?Chapter 9

R15+ Ja Dame Desuka? manga, How About R15? ,R15What should I do to become an adult? Akane Amou, who grew up with her parents forbidding any kind of entertainment, is a little bad with "stimulating" stuff, to the point she can't even watch a kissing s

How to Live as a Bootleg HealerChapter 12

One day Kang Songhyun opened his eyes on the Azul Continent.He didn't know the reason.When he woke up he was no more in South Korea.He's thrown into a fantasy world.Why did I come to this kind of place?'At that time, the status window pops up in fron

Yi Shen Dang GuanChapter 30
ActionMartial artsSupernatural

My "death" was a conspiracy, and my rebirth was actually planned by others. Immortals, demons, beasts, and people didn't want me to survive. Millions of soldiers died for me. My return is an enemy. At the end of the day, manhuaplus.com I am the stron

The Favored Consort Is A ManChapter 11

not found...

The Most Ordinary RelationshipChapter 23

"Hey! Go out with me, Cha Wonwoo."The lonely and tough days of being a 20 years old.The relationship between the two, which started with just a simple word, has more days of quarreling than having fun, "I've never been tired of living together for th

Blood and LoveSeason.1 Chapter 9

."When sunbae drinks my blood... I get this weird feeling."Jiwon tried to offer his blood to the vampire he met in his dreams but the vampire disappeared.Now, the vampire who disappeared last night reappears in front of the happy and excited Jiwon.

Ending MakerChapter 43
ActionComedyMartial artsRomance

Two heroes of the game Legend of Heroes 2 that were rotten water*. Kang Jin-ho in the first place and Hong Yoo Hee in the second place. One day, I opened my eyes and reincarnated as a character in the game "Heyyou too?" "Heyme too!" The ending of Leg

A Trace Of MarginsChapter 3

not found...

I Stole the Number One Ranker’s SoulChapter 50

One day, Son Mo-Ah fell into a dungeon and became a gathering hunter.Son Mo-Ah, who somehow narrowly escaped death, was going to live a normal life but gets caught up in a dungeon yet again.In a moment of crisis, she is rescued by Seo Ji-Han, the num

Sleeping DeadChapter 8

Earnest and well put together, Sada is a teacher that's popular among both his colleagues and students alike. One day after school, while he was on patrol, he saw a suspicious figure attacking a female student with a knife. Unable to escape in time,

TsugumomoChapter 158.1

Kazuya Kagami never goes anywhere without the precious Sakura Obi his mother gave him. One day a beautiful, kimono-clad girl named Kiriha appeared before him. Kiriha naturally began to live with Kazuya in his room. Then there's Chisato, Kazuya's chil

Renai KidouChapter 15

Is there someone that you truly love? Tomiura and Shirosaki attend the same university and both know that each other is gay from an unexpected incident. They both have become close rapidly from a sense of affinity. Even though they are drawn together

Jama-RamaChapter 7
ActionComedyMartial artsSupernatural

A story about someone called Jamy Trying to fix and solve things in the world YouTube: DerpresoJamyIG:@Jamy_artarchive34

StigmataChapter 28

The end of the Holy War.The Pope, in an effort to suppress the remaining eye-witnesses who oppose his power, demands that a gag order be enforced regarding "the miracle" that brought the war to an end: the appearance of the five who bore the stigmata

Reincarnated Princess Loved by ScumChapter 28

Due to the scum men who ruined her life, the protagonist Kozue was granted "the ability to recognize scumbags" by G** and was reincarnated into another world. She is living her second life as Princess Christa. There, she dreams of being with a wonder

LibertaChapter 41

Vampire yuri action from the creator of Tadokoro-san.

The cool classmate ◯◯ years later...Chapter 44

The cool classmate years later... summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of The cool classmate years later.... If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate t

Devil on the crossroadChapter 13

After an unfair contract with the devil, Evil spirits strangely covet Yoon-i's body!

Fate/Grand Order From LostbeltChapter 23


The Knight King Who Returned with a GodChapter 8

I returned to Earth after hunting demons in the otherworld for three hundred years. But I did not return alone.

Honestly, I Like You A Lot!Chapter 19

Ji-Hyuk reunites with his old female friends from college to celebrate him finally entering the workforce.The always cold Lim Ji-Ah' and the cute Choi Yoon-Ha' with her bobcut.After Yoon-Ha went home early, an already awkward situation for Ji-Ah and

Love in OrbitChapter 15HOT

not found...

The Noble PirateChapter 45

Read manhwa The Noble PirateFrom the high seas to high society. When the infamous pirate Rosetta gets poisoned to death, she wakes up in the body of noble lady Leah. Now, to avoid a second death, Rosetta must play the part of a noble and get engaged?

The Bride of BarbaroiChapter 21

The strongest female warrior of the west, Seraphina de Lavillant, was defeated by barbarians of the east.What awaits her are endless days of torture...is what she thought.Instead, she was offered "marriage to the barbarian king"!?The start of a fanta

Tenkousei ga Oshi Seiyuu Datta HanashiChapter 3.2

The new student who transferred to Yuka's class is her favorite voice actress, Sakashira Oto. She just wants to watch over him from the shadows, but for some reason he takes care of her and plays around with her!

I'm a Fudanshi and My Childhood Friend is Coming Onto MeVol.1 Chapter 1

not found...

Sora yori Takaku (MIYASHITA Akira)Chapter 170

It's a super weird and funny stories about a sex-addicted son of the devil king....

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