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The cool classmate ◯◯ years later...Chapter 44

The cool classmate years later... summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of The cool classmate years later.... If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate t

Devil on the crossroadChapter 13

After an unfair contract with the devil, Evil spirits strangely covet Yoon-i's body!

Fate/Grand Order From LostbeltChapter 23


The Knight King Who Returned with a GodChapter 8

I returned to Earth after hunting demons in the otherworld for three hundred years. But I did not return alone.

Honestly, I Like You A Lot!Chapter 19

Ji-Hyuk reunites with his old female friends from college to celebrate him finally entering the workforce.The always cold Lim Ji-Ah' and the cute Choi Yoon-Ha' with her bobcut.After Yoon-Ha went home early, an already awkward situation for Ji-Ah and

Love in OrbitChapter 15HOT

not found...

The Noble PirateChapter 45

Read manhwa The Noble PirateFrom the high seas to high society. When the infamous pirate Rosetta gets poisoned to death, she wakes up in the body of noble lady Leah. Now, to avoid a second death, Rosetta must play the part of a noble and get engaged?

The Bride of BarbaroiChapter 21

The strongest female warrior of the west, Seraphina de Lavillant, was defeated by barbarians of the east.What awaits her are endless days of torture...is what she thought.Instead, she was offered "marriage to the barbarian king"!?The start of a fanta

Tenkousei ga Oshi Seiyuu Datta HanashiChapter 3.2

The new student who transferred to Yuka's class is her favorite voice actress, Sakashira Oto. She just wants to watch over him from the shadows, but for some reason he takes care of her and plays around with her!

I'm a Fudanshi and My Childhood Friend is Coming Onto MeVol.1 Chapter 1

not found...

Sora yori Takaku (MIYASHITA Akira)Chapter 170

It's a super weird and funny stories about a sex-addicted son of the devil king....

Royal MarriageChapter 43.5

Royal Marriage manhwa, Royal MaryThe symbol of beauty and money, Tatiana Cartien, the most eligible bachelorette of the Freya Empire.The despair of being betrayed by her trusted fiance lasted only a moment, as who could've known a bigger shock woul

Blue ProjectChapter 41

Finding CamelliaChapter 75

Her life was nothing but lies. Camellia was just 12 when she was taken away from her mother in the slums and forced to live as the son of an aristocratic family. But under the layers of secrets and lies, she never forgets. She continues to struggle t

My Second Life as a Jerk MagnetChapter 28

Kozue, a woman who has wasted her entire life on awful guys, is granted the g**-given ability to recognize scumbags at a glance when she reincarnates into another world as Princess Christa. She dreams of finding the perfect man to marry in her second

99 Ways to Become Heroes by Beauty MastersChapter 226

I, Lu Chen, am the only son of the King Lu. I thought I could live a life of nourishment at night since I was born. Unfortunately, my talent was too high, which was hard to find in the past. Five beautiful masters fell from the sky to force me to pra

Drunken TruthChapter 18
DramaRomanceShounen aiWebtoon

Gitaek always dreamed of being in a relationship with someone who's his ideal preference: caring, thoughtful and has a good body. After being absent for a while, he goes to his club's meeting room and finds a new studentJungwoowho fits this preferenc

Hametsu no OukokuChapter 37

Due to the Gear Expansion, witches who had been friends with the people become unnecessary. Humans, who were afraid of unscientific power, begin a witch hunt And a human boy who has his beloved witch killed becomes the "Wizard of vengeance."

Sleeping RankerChapter 73
ActionComedyDramaMartial arts

We're only taking a break for about 30 seconds? I'm not imagining things, right?" "Yes." After 15 hours of hunting, Hyunsung asked to rest for a while, and after 30 seconds, he had to get up again and started hunting. Actually, Hyunsung has a special

What Does That Evil Dragon Live For?Chapter 9

Story: Honaran Art: Manubi Original Work by: Lemon Frog Thursdays, All Ages Elaine becomes a human sacrifice to the evil dragon Rabess, who is here to destroy the empire. But it seems that Rabess already knows her. And he offers to grant her three wi

For Snow WhiteChapter 12

On the day of the empress's funeral, I remembered the disastrous ending of the prince, who was his brother beat the emperor and the empress, as well as the head, and seized the bloody throne.To avoid tragedy, you must persuade the emperor, not be hat

Making a Child with a BeastChapter 52HOT

.Are you so happy to conceive my child that you can't restrain yourself?" I'm a playboy, but I get wet when a beast man touches me...!? Yurito, a playboy who attends a veterinary school, is suffering from the idiosyncratic nature of being "avoided an

Kidnapped BrideChapter 28

A once in a lifetime opportunity comes to Lucina, the illegitimate daughter of Lord Berek. Hakkan, the great conqueror who rules the dragon lands of Tayer, gives Lucina the opportunity to be his kidnapped bride. Desperate for any kind of freedom, Luc

Drug-Eating Genius MageChapter 34

[By the studio that brought you and !]Having reached his talent limit on magic, the protagonist was sent to the gaming world as punishment to a huge city named Valkan. In order to survive, he builds relationships with other people and investigates

I’M Just An ImmortalChapter 281

In this era, people are always reincarnation, but I Lin Fei, depends on being immortal. I have lived for hundreds of million years, just to find my beloved ones that I lost for a million years!!

Monster Pet EvolutionChapter 195

The world experienced a cataclysm and monsters are now roaming the Earth. Born out of a necessity to subjugate these monsters, this new era saw the rise of a new profession. Monster Trainers individuals who conquer, cultivate, and train these monste

Captain! Is this battlefield here?Chapter 24

Read manhwa Captain! Is this battlefield here? / ! ?Elite Special Forces Captain Lee Yoon-ah, who is said to be Korea's nerd.As a soldier to the bone, there was no romance in her life.However, a completely different world unfolds in front of her, w

X AshChapter 86

X Ash , X Ashe, Ex and Ashe> Lee Kwang-soo X Kim Se-hoon] The genius of stealing X and Ash with a mysterious past. I decided to become a knight through a fateful meeting with Ryu, the first sword of the Knights Templar! The testing ground of the Kni

City Immortal Emperor : Dragon King TempleChapter 208

Zhang Yi was one step away from becoming an immortal in his previous life, but with the chance to do it all over again, he must not follow the same path as in his past life.

The Alpha's BrideChapter 28

.Riku Emori, a high school student who was born and raised as an alpha, finally made his debut in the elite society at a Shutou family party. The Shutou Family is renowned as a prestigious household of Alphas that reigns over the rest of its kind. An

Amachin wa Jishou ♂Chapter 46.5
ComedyRomanceShounenShounen ai

Tatsumi enters highschool with his childhood friend Amasawa Kokoro, nickname Ama-chin, who is a extremely feminine looking trouser-wearing boy that likes to mess with peoples expectations of his gender.

Ignorant girl ◯◯ years later...Chapter 3

An ignorant friend of a certain thirsty(?) wife.

The Kingdoms of RuinChapter 37

Due to the Gear Expansion, witches who had been friends with the people become unnecessary. Humans, who were afraid of unscientific powers, begin a witch hunt And a human boy who has his beloved witch killed becomes the "Wizard of vengeance".

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetChapter 406

"How perverted is Si Ye Han's taste? He still wants me like this?" Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror: explosive wig, tattoos, and demon-like makeup. Any normal person's eyes would burn if they looked at her for more than a second.

After Ten Years of Chopping Wood, Immortals Begged To Become My DisciplesChapter 34

After ten years of chopping firewood (so tired ), female immortals (one after another ()) knelt down and begged me to take them as their disciples! _(` )_

Silent HeartbeatChapter 7

not found...

Reality QuestChapter 89

Reality Quest , REal life quest manhwa, , , IRL Quest: Due to the school bully's threat to get him game items, Ha Do-wan, the unlucky game shuttle, died after playing games all night long for a week. The moment he died, he got respawned to the clas

Introduction to SurvivalChapter 24

Remember. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seveneight" I will remember it until the end. until the end On the day, my wife Julia was trampled on by them, all of my life and goals became stained with burning hatred. Yes, I have to kill those people.

Since The Red Moon AppearedChapter 78

Since The Red Moon Appeared manhua, Starting From The Red Moon From the moment the red moon appeared in the sky, everyone in the world turned crazy. Except me!

The Monstrous GuiChapter 44

Childhood friends Seunghwan, Dohee and Sangmin continue their cherished friendship even when they entered high school. However, they're friend Sangmin disappeared due to the appearance of grosteque creatures called Goei (Gui) As they search for their

Trapping the Foxy DoctorChapter 42
DramaRomanceShounen ai

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Zhi Banyi has a secret. His heart only beats faster when he listens to a streamer calle


ETRANGERE manhwa, Etrange, Introduction of the work You guys have been summoned.' South Korean special forces captain Kang San' and female military officer Kim Bi-yeon' have a sudden accident during descent training. Immediately after the accident, a

My Wife Is Actually The Empress?Chapter 113

With my wifes breathtaking beauty, not even the newly enthroned empress can match her! With my wifes marvelous culinary skills, not even the empress royal chefs can match her! My wife loves me and cares about me very very much, and I wouldnt trade he

My S-Rank Party Fired Me for Being a Cursificer ~ I Can Only Make “Cursed Items”, but They're Artifact Class!Chapter 12.1

The manga version of one of Shsetsuka ni Nar's most popular isekai fantasy novels!Gaile, a Cursificer, is left penniless when he's expelled from his party as soon as they reach S Rank. Apparently he wasn't contributing enough?! But they hadn't realiz

I Returned as an FFF-Class Witch DoctorChapter 26

The protagonist, Ma Jinsung, was on the verge of clearing a quest in the game, [Demon King Raid] when he was betrayed and abandoned by his expedition teammate. Just when he thought everything was over, he was pulled away by a strange voice and regres

To Hell With Being A Saint I’m A DoctorChapter 51

To Hell With Being A Saint I'm A Doctor manhwa, Yusung is a genius doctor famous in the medical world. He, who spent his whole life in an operation room, died in a traffic accident, and when he woke up, he was in another world. Buta saintess? A holy

Dead Knight GuntherChapter 33

The war between humans and vampires ends with the victory of the vampires, as everyone expected.After hard work for mankind's counterattack in Bahal', a holy land that has not yet been invaded, Succeeded in producing an immortal corpse knight' and a

A World-Class WalkthroughChapter 42

The main character, Kim Kyung-Sam, is an orphan preparing for the civil service exam while working part-time at a convenience store.While immersed in the game God Forsaken World' and playing the scenario of Gilosan Ello D' Baltic', the fallen Third P

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